Articles from February, 2009

High-speed train not a Mickey Mouse line

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal stretches the truth about a rail line that might get money from the stimulus.

Make more than $200,000? The tax man cometh!

Obama's budget says bye-bye to Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

A presidential decision: a Portuguese Water Dog

Michelle Obama dishes the details on the new family pet. It'll likely be a Portuguese Water Dog, which means progress for Promise No. 502.

Obama wants federal cars plugged in

Obama is trying to use the stimulus bill to buy more hybrids and spark more production from automakers.  

Foreclosure freeze from banks, not Obama

Obama promised a three-month moratorium on foreclosures. He hasn't delivered, but others have.

Earth, wind and fire

We find the stimulus bill fulfills Obama's promise for more research into alternative energy sources such as biomass, wind and solar.

A sign of the times: the mortgage rescue plan

We rate how well Obama's foreclosure plan fulfills his campaign promise.

That's a lot of weatherstripping

Obama promised to weatherize 1 million homes per year. With a big infusion of money from the economic stimulus, we rate it a Promise Kept.

With the stroke of a pen, keeping his promises

The economic stimulus bill fulfills or makes progress on about 50 of Obama's campaign promises.

Tale of the House Mouse

We check out two Republican claims on the stimulus bill and find both are wrong.

Withdrawal of Gregg creates Truth-O-Meter dilemma

EDITOR'S NOTE: The withdrawal of Sen. Judd Gregg as Obama's nominee for commerce secretary creates a tricky situation for us. Here's how we're dealing with it.

Chain e-mails are back — and they're still wrong

Get ready to hit the Delete key. Chain e-mails are making a resurgence and landing in your inbox. We check two of them and find they're Pants on Fire wrong.

Mailbag: 'You really need to get a grip'

In our latest mailbag, we get a lively mix of criticism, praise, and a new idea for the Obameter

Numbers are the rope in stimulus tug-of-war

Obama says critics are picking on 1 percent of the plan. A Republican lawmaker says only 15 percent of the package will be spent this year. We check the math.

Sorting out the truth about "the porn lawyer"

The conservative group Fidelis says David Ogden, Obama's nominee for deputy attorney general, did legal work for Playboy. We find they're right, although it's a stretch to sum him up as a "porn lawyer."

Your guide to the economic stimulus bill

For two weeks, you've heard claims that the bill includes lots of goodies — millions for Filipino veterans, ACORN and programs for sexually transmitted diseases. We sort out the truth.

Senate doesn't steer clear of earmarks in stimulus

The White House maintains there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill. But we find a few.

How Filipino veterans could benefit from stimulus

Yes, there's a provision in the stimulus bill that would help Filipino veterans from World War II. But it's complicated.

Could ACORN reap windfall from stimulus bill?

Republican leaders warn the economic stimulus plan would provide billions in funding to such organizations as ACORN. We dig down to see if they are right.