Articles from January, 2009

Mailbag: 'Are you freaking serious?'

Our readers are not happy with our first Promise Broken for Obama, but one warns us to beware of 'Obama cultists.'

Obama breaks promise on 'sunlight before signing'

Obama signs a fair pay law — Promise Kept! But no 'sunlight before signing' — Promise Broken!

Obama to D.C.: Toughen up!

The president is perplexed when Washington-area schools close because of an ice storm. "As my children pointed out, in Chicago, school is never canceled," he says. We check to see if he's right.

In debate about stimulus, arguing about turf

Republicans complain of sculpture gardens, lawn repairs and no time for hearings. We check the facts.

Fast and furious facts about stimulus bill

The bill prompts some exaggerated rhetoric and allegations of earmarks. We check the facts — and award our first Pants on Fire for 2009.

Not so fast on Obama revolving door policy

We revisit our ruling on the new revolving door policy and conclude Obama's "no lobbyists" pledge has a loophole.

CBO 'report' doesn't say what Cantor claims

Rep. Eric Cantor says the nonpartisan budget office concluded the Democrats' spending proposals 'won't help the economy grow.' But it's not a report and that's not what it says.

Obama keeps promises on his first day

Obama wasted no time checking items off his To Do list, keeping promises on ethics and the Iraq war, and taking a major step toward closing the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

Barack Obama's promises: Our Top 10

To mark the presidential inauguration, we review Barack Obama's 510 campaign promises and choose the most significant.

Your guide to the Geithner tax controversy

Treasury nominee Timothy Geithner's tax errors will be front and center at his confirmation hearings. We separate the facts from the fiction.

Promises to jump-start the economy

Stimulus bill includes many things Obama promised during the campaign

Counting Obama's campaign promises

We scour Obama's position papers and speeches and find Obama made 510 campaign promises. We'll be tracking them with our new Obameter.

Editor's Note: Introducing the Obameter

With our new feature, we keep an eye on Obama's campaign promises