Articles from June, 2009

When in-your-face is off-the-air

ABC refused opposing ads during Obama's town hall on health care. We explain why.

Now on YouTube: Our Guide to Fact-Checking

PolitiFact's video is part of the new YouTube Reporters' Center, a collection of how-to guides for journalists.

Bachmann earns two more Pants on Fires

Since January, the Minnesota congresswoman is 0 for 5 on our Truth-O-Meter. Her latest ratings involve two ridiculously false statements about the Census.

Your guide to the cap-and-trade estimates

As Congress considers a cap-and-trade plan, supporters and opponents are citing a dizzying array of cost estimates. We delve into the numbers to see what they really say.

Keith Olbermann and the 'top secret' Tweet

Political commentator Keith Olbermann says Rep. Pete Hoekstra's Tweets blew the cover on a "top-secret mission to Iraq." He Tweeted all right. But was the mission top secret?

Does the war bill shortchange the war?

A Georgia congressman contends the war spending bill has more for the IMF than for the wars. We investigate.

Hannity junkyard scheme is a clunker

Sean Hannity says it's possible to game the system with the used car program. We examine the facts to see if it's possible.

Mailbag: The 'Cars, SARS, and Bars Czar'

Readers let us know what they think about our latest Truth-O-Meter rulings and give us a few ideas to improve our meters. One suggests a new ruling on the Obameter: Atoned.

Counting the departures from Gitmo

Rep. Steny Hoyer says 500 detainees were released from the detention center under President Bush. He's right about the number, but we have a quibble with his wording.

More Peace Corps?

Obama's budget doesn't reflect his promise to double the Peace Corps. But Corps supporters are hopeful Congress will increase funding anyway.

Pumping up the polls for Obama

A new ad for Obama's health care plan says 62 percent support a public plan, but that's not the case.

Obama silent on Defense of Marriage Act

Gay rights groups say the effort to repeal the law has stalled and they're unhappy the Obama administration is defending the law in court.

The Czar Administration

Sen. John McCain contends President Barack Obama has more czars than the Romanovs did in Russia. We take a stab at counting the Obama czars and then dig into the history books to see if McCain is right.

Palin says thanks but no thanks for stimulus money

The Alaska governor says she turned down the money because of federal building code requirements. But we find the federal requirements aren't what she claims.

Has the government turned a profit from bank money?

We find Obama is right that the government has made a profit on the first bank repayments under the TARP. But some experts are doubtful all bank investments will fare so well.

Of signing statements and whistleblowers

The Obameter evaluates Obama's progress on promises about signing statements and protections for whistleblowers.

Gingrich earns Pants on Fire for stimulus claim

In a fundraising message, Newt Gingrich recycles an old falsehood to suggest that the economic stimulus program would prohibit Boy Scout meetings at schools.

Mailbag: Hitting 'a new low' on health care

Readers give us spirited feedback on our latest Truth-O-Meter rulings.

Sorting out the truth on the Sotomayor nomination

We've created a special page where you can see all of our Truth-O-Meter items on the Sotomayor nomination.

Newt flips after his Twitter message draws fire

The former House speaker earns a Full Flop for his tweet on the Supreme Court nominee.

Obama's jobs claim is just a guess-timate

President Barack Obama says the stimulus has "saved or created" 150,000 jobs, but we find little evidence to back up his number.

North Koreans correct about nuclear tests

We find North Korea is right that the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council have indeed conducted nearly all the tests.