Articles from October, 2009

Achtung, baby! Bono mixes up foreign aid stats

In his spare time, U2's frontman advocates for an end to global poverty, and that earns him a gig with the Truth-O-Meter.  

Muddle about the medal

Some House Republicans claim Obama needs permission from Congress to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. We explore the rules and what other recipients have done.

'Obama phones'? No, they've been around for years

The latest Internet rumor is that President Obama is giving out free phones to people on welfare.

The pundits, 0 for 3

We put O'Reilly, Matalin and Maddow to the Truth-O-Meter. It comes up False, False & False.

A new Obameter category: 'Not yet rated'

We announce a change to the Obameter and enlist your help in tracking the president's 515 campaign promises.

A narrow door for the health exchange

If you want to buy the public option on the health care exchange, you'll have to be part of a select group.

Health care reform: A summary of recent distortions

A PolitiFact guide to distortions in the health care reform debate

Records not as vulnerable as group claims

The Senior Citizens League says the new computerized records will be open to millions. But we find little to back that up.

Unlikely allies: Sarah Palin and Health Care for America Now

Palin and HCAN both dislike a proposed tax on "Cadillac" health plans.

Gun group's health care claim is low on ammo

Gun Owners of America claims the Baucus bill "could be used to ban guns in home self-defense." But we find little to back that up.

Mailbag: 'Grow a funny bone!'

Readers let us know what they think of our story on a Saturday Night Live sketch, and other matters.

Name That Health Plan winners announced

From supporters, we choose YesWeCare! From opponents: State Arm Insurance

Drug promises stall because of PhRMA deal

Two campaign promises have become bargaining chips for health care reform.

A new side effect of H1N1 virus: exaggeration

We examine claims by Glenn Beck and a chain e-mail about the H1N1 virus.

Health insurance hijinks!

We check claims about a new report on the cost of health care reform, and how health insurance is like baseball.

The Afghanistan war: A simple explanation

The latest developments on the war in Afghanistan can be downright confusing — questions about more troops, election shenanigans and a resurgent Taliban. Here, we explain what's driving the discussion.

Obama's Nobel Prize: More hope than change

We review Obama's campaign promises in light of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Michael Moore vs. the Gipper

In his new film, Capitalism: A Love Story , Michael Moore contends the economic policies of President Ronald Reagan marked a turning point when the gap widened between the rich and everyone else. We put Moore's claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Speed-reading the health care reform bill?

Rep. Michele Bachmann says three days isn't enough to read the big health care bill. We ask experts how long a typical person would take to read the 1,000 pages.

New exaggerations in cap-and-trade battle

An industry group says gas prices would hit $4 a gallon and 2 million jobs could be lost. We find the group is stretching the truth.

Drilling for the truth in the oil drilling debate

A leading prodrilling advocate says tourism isn't affected by offshore drilling. An opponent says offshore oil found in the gulf could head overseas.

Hey SNL! We've rated Obama's promises!

Saturday Night Live says President Barack Obama hasn't accomplished anything. The Obameter shows a more nuanced picture.

More on Moore

We explore some more claims from Michael Moore and his new movie, Capitalism: A Love Story .

The Michael Moore movie gets a fact-check

With the release of Capitalism: A Love Story , we put the liberal filmmaker — and his movie — to the Truth-O-Meter.