Articles from September, 2009

Republicans go after AARP with Medicare attacks

When it comes to health care reform, no one escapes scrutiny.

Jail time for people who don't buy health insurance?

Critics of the Baucus plan say it will lead to prison sentences for people who don't buy insurance. We check the facts.

No insurance? Beware of the tax man!

To get everyone into the health care system, Democrats propose a tax on the uninsured. Think the Republicans will like that?

'Hooray, Mr. President! We honor your great plans!'

We check the RNC chairman's criticism of an odd Obama song, as performed by some New Jersey second-graders.

A PolitiFact contest: Name that health plan!

Can you remember the name of the Obama health care plan? Neither can we. So we're having a contest to give it a name.

A flurry of flip-flops

We rate the flips of the Massachusetts legislature — the first time an entire legislative body has faced our Flip-O-Meter — as well as Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Promises, promises

We're not just in the fact-checking business. We've also been updating our ratings of campaign promises. Check out our Obameter to see our latest ratings.

Who you calling a socialist?

Obama has Glenn Beck. FDR had William Randolph Hearst.

Abortion and the Baucus health care bill

The health care plan from Finance Chairman Max Baucus seeks to maintain the status quo on the sensitive issue of abortion. We examine two claims about the bill from the National Right to Life Committee.

On Sunday shows, reruns

In interviews that were remarkably alike, President Barack Obama hit his talking points — and hit them again. We check whether he was right about the uninsured and the White Sox.

Health care reform group is wrong again

Health Care for America Now earned a Barely True when it said insurance CEOs earn $24 million. Now it gets a False for claiming one in five treatments are rejected.

Obama wrong that insurance delay caused death

The president cites the death of an Illinois man to show callousness by an insurance company. But he's wrong to blame the insurer for his death.

Health care group exaggerates CEO pay

The ad from Health Care for America Now cherry-picks the highest number.

Singer is pretty much right that U.S. ranks 37th

In a sarcastic music video on YouTube, actor/singer Paul Hipp says the U.S. ranks 37th in the world in health care. We find the song is pretty accurate.

"Tea party" photo shows huge crowd — at different event

Bloggers contend a photo shows a huge crowd for anti-Obama protests. But the photo was taken years ago at another event.

Yes, more bureaucracy; but how to measure it?

Republicans contend the health care plan will create 53 new bureaucracies. We try counting them.

Illegal immigrants and health care, Part 2

Responding to President Obama's health care speech, Republicans say the Democratic bill has no way to enforce restrictions on illegal immigrants. We check the facts.

Obama makes the case for health care reform

President Obama delivers a speech to a joint session of Congress. We check the facts.

Catching up with Van Jones

Obama's controversial green jobs czar departs. We provide some context.

Mailbag: 'You folks have lost your direction'

The mail brings quibbles, gripes and a wee bit of praise.

Bo the dog cited in health care debate

Haley Barbour says Obama wanted to "cram" the health care bill through Congress in less time than it took the president to select a dog. We do the math to see if Barbour is right.

GOP leader says Obama seeking young comrades

We check a claim by the Florida Republican chairman that Obama's speech next week will "indoctrinate" young people on socialist ideology

Obama's Katrina Promises

Obama made 17 campaign promises related to Hurricane Katrina rebuilding the Gulf Coast. We assess his progress.