Articles from August, 2010

On 'This Week': schools, jobs and McDonald's eggs

The guests discussed dropout rates, nutrition and whether McDonalds serves free-range eggs at its British restaurants. We put the claims to the Truth-O-Meter.  

Is the Obama administration keeping track of our fat?

A candidate for a New York congressional seat says the Obama administration is planning to keep a federal health record on all U.S. citizens, including everyone's Body Mass Index. We check the facts.

The Truth-O-Meter report card on Glenn Beck

We'll be fact-checking speeches from Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial. In the meantime, we review how he's fared on the Truth-O-Meter.

Why do so many people think Obama is a Muslim?

President Barack Obama has declared himself a Christian. He has worshipped in Christian churches, prayed with Christian ministers, and recounted how he knelt beneath a cross and felt God's spirit. And yet, a surprising number of Americans keep telling pollsters they believe he's a Muslim. The Pew Research Center last week reported that 18 percent of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, up from 11 percent in March 2009. A Time magazine poll also released last week found even more -- 24 percent -- said he was a Muslim.

Did the stimulus cost more than the Iraq War?

An editorial writer says the stimulus will end up costing more than the war. We check the facts.

Checking Boehner's speech on the economy

We check the Republican leader's claim about an increase in government jobs and find a stretch we've seen before: including the temporary census employees to suggest that government jobs have increased.

On 'This Week,' debate about the mosque

Is it a mosque? Or just a cultural center with a prayer area? We check the facts.

PolitiFact turns 3!

We review the highlights (and some oddities) of our first three years.

Fact-checking the 'Ground Zero mosque' debate

We temper emotional appeals over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero with a few fact-checks.

Obama keeps his promise on getting combat troops out of Iraq

Plans for Iraq unfold much as Obama described during the 2008 campaign.

Checking Democrats on Fiscal Policy

We look at the political dynamics behind the tug of war over the deficit, Social Security, taxes and spending.

Looking at unemployment, education, Obama's approval rating

We check claims from a Democrat and a Republican who appeared on ABC's "This Week.''

Crunch time: the Obameter is turning red

With a polarized Congress and limited capital, President Obama is having a tougher time fulfilling his promises.

Mailbag: 'If I could marry a website, I'd be Mrs.'

For our latest Mailbag, we sample the feedback from e-mail and Twitter. One reader calls us a "socialist propaganda machine." Another wants to marry us.

Checking Rachel Maddow

We put the MSNBC host to the Truth-O-Meter for recent claims about immigration and economics.

Border skirmishes in Arizona election

Border policing is a big issue in the Republican primary.

Fact-checking 'This Week with Christiane Amanpour'

We look into statements from the Sunday morning news shows.

Do many illegal immigrants deliver 'anchor babies'?

Critics of illegal immigration say there's a growing problem of women from other countries coming to the U.S. to deliver "anchor babies" who automatically become citizens. We assess the evidence.

Do Democrats have a plan to extend Bush tax cuts?

We check Sarah Palin's claim that Democrats don't have a plan.

Distorting Democratic plans on the Bush tax cuts

Sarah Palin's note on her hand said $3.8 trillion, but that's not the Democratic plan.

Fact-checking the economy, Afghanistan

We check statements from This Week with Christiane Amanpour. Welcome, Christiane!

Space policy keeps rocketing to prominence

We look at a controversial comment by NASA chief Charles Bolden as well as two space promises the president did not fully keep.