On 'This Week': schools, jobs and McDonald's eggs

Is that a free-range Egg McMuffin?
Is that a free-range Egg McMuffin?

Sunday's edition of This Week with Christiane Amanpour focused largely on education, with guests that included Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Jamie Oliver, the "Naked Chef" from Britain who has called for better nutrition.

We've put three claims from the show to our Truth-O-Meter:

Duncan said the high school dropout rate in the United States is 25 percent. We found he glossed over the details and rated that Half True.

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile said 45 percent of the people who have been unemployed have been so for at least six months. We found her verb tense was slightly off and rated the claim Mostly True.

Oliver said that McDonald's in England "only sells organic milk" and "free-range eggs ... But that's nothing like the one in the states." We found he was right about milk that is sold separately but not about milkshakes. We rated it Half True.



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