Another gem from Alabama: 'Gather your armies'

Rick Barber's "Gather Your Armies" ad

Say this for Alabama candidates, they know how to make political ads that get noticed.

The latest ad making a bid to join Dale "Cowboy" Peterson and Tim "Learn It" James in the Viral Ad Hall of Fame comes from Rick Barber, a tea party enthusiast running for Congress in Alabama's Second District Republican run-off.

The ad features Barber holding a fictitious conversation with three Founding Fathers -- Sam Adams, George Washington and Ben Franklin, all dressed in period garb. Barber rails against the IRS and the health care bill. The idea is that the Founding Fathers would be appalled to see where things have gone in America.

As Barber reaches a fevered pitch, he concludes, "You gentlemen revolted over a tea tax. A tea tax! Now look at us! Are you with me?"

The kicker comes from the George Washington character, who delivers his response through gritted teeth: "Gather ... your ... armies."

We checked one of the claims in the ad, that the IRS can increase taxes and found it Pants-on-Fire wrong.