Articles from May, 2010

Mailbag: 'What's wrong with you people?'

Readers have lots of complaints -- and a little praise -- about our recent rulings.

As Obama heads to Gulf, the facts on the spill

President Obama visits the Gulf Coast today to survey efforts to respond to the oil leak. We've been checking claims about the spill and will be doing more in the next week.

Fact-checking 'the best campaign ad ever'

We couldn't resist fact-checking this ad -- because we give a rip about Alabama!

Republicans and the Civil Rights Act

Controversy over Rand Paul's remarks send us off in search of history, checking on Republican votes from the the 1960s.

BP liked Obama, but oil stained Palin's hands too

Sarah Palin suggested on Fox News Sunday that there was something unusual and sinister about oil industry donations to President Obama's campaign. We looked into it.   

Putting Steele and Kaine to the Truth-O-Meter

The party chairmen appear on ABC's 'This Week.' We check some of their claims.

Nevada GOP Senate candidate tries to pin a Harry Reid campaign button on rival

Who's the true conservative? Five Republicans in Nevada's U.S. Senate primary are vying for the title as they maneuver for the chance to take on Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in November. 

For a state in a mess, a messy campaign

As California struggles through a budget crisis and sagging economy, rival Republicans seeking the governorship are attacking on TV like crazy.

Taking stock of Elena Kagan's scholarly work

From her 29-year-old undergraduate thesis to her law review articles as a professor, we look at Elena Kagan's written record.

Checking Sessions and Leahy on ABC's 'This Week'

Sens. Patrick Leahy and Jeff Sessions discuss Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. We put some of their claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Pants on Fire, from both the right and the left

Pundits on opposite sides of the political spectrum set the meter ablaze!

Sen. Mary Landrieu on the Truth-O-Meter

The Louisiana senator has been speaking out on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. We put two of her claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Fact-checking national security on 'This Week'

We've checked statements from Rudy Giuliani, Joe Lieberman and George Will.

Fact-checking the claims on Elena Kagan

We preview some of the claims about the Supreme Court nominee. In coming days, we'll be putting them to the Truth-O-Meter.

Did Hayworth challenge push McCain to flip on amnesty?

Arizona senatorial candidate J.D. Hayworth claims his challenge to Sen. John McCain in the Republican primary prompted McCain to change his position on amensty for illegal immigrants.

Barking dogs, racial profiling and the Ariz. law

We examine the revisions in the Arizona law and their effect on claims about racial profiling and loud dogs.

Checking George Will on birds and wind turbines

The conservative columnist says more birds die daily from colliding with wind turbines than will die from the gulf oil spill.

On 'This Week,' Bill Maher calls for a fact-checker

We answer his call, and fact-check claims on oil drilling and energy sustainability.