Articles from November, 2010

Two more fact-checks in the START treaty debate

As Senators decide whether to take up ratification of the START treaty during the lame-duck session, we analyze two more comments by key players in the debate.

A letter from an unhappy PolitiFact reader

A reader from Malvern, Penn., complains that we are making him think too much.

Putting the START debate to the Truth-O-Meter

We check a statement by Sen. Jon Kyl in the debate over whether the Senate should ratify a new START nuclear arms treaty.

Tracking Obama's promises: one step forward, one back

As Obama nears the halfway point in his four-year term, we update the Obameter with the latest on some of his promises.

Mailbag: 'The good stuff overcomes the annoyance'

Readers sound off our recent reports on Rand Paul, Paul Krugman, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. And a few say "Thanks!"  

Top 5 falsehoods about the Bush tax cuts

With the tax debate heating up, we review some of the talking points that are just flat wrong.

Can Boehner allow hats on the House floor?

Frederica Wilson, an incoming freshman from South Florida famous for her headwear, wants to wear a hat on the House floor. She says a rule barring the hats can be waived by the speaker. We check the facts.  

Mailbag, Facebook edition: 'PolitiFact blew it again!'

Readers weigh in with comments and criticisms via the social networking site.

Michele Bachmann gets it wrong on taxes

On Good Morning America, she gives an overinflated measure for small business owners getting a tax increase.

Checking facts on the deficit commission

A proposal to reduce the deficit drew fire from economist Paul Krugman on This Week with Christiane Amanpour.

Looking for some truth about the federal budget

On the heels of a draft recommendation from the president's deficit advisory panel, we check the accuracy of several claims about spending and taxes.

FACTSHEET: Reducing the national debt

We look at a range of ideas for reducing future deficits and getting the federal debt under control.

Are federal employees overpaid?

Newly elected Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says federal workers are paid $120,000, compared to $60,000 for private-sector workers. Great sound bite, but we found that it's not so simple.

Checking Obama's claim about stimulus projects

On 60 Minutes, President Obama said "most" stimulus projects came in under budget and faster than expected. We collaborate with ProPublica and find that's a stretch.

Checking Paul and Pence on ABC’s 'This Week'

We check claims from Sen.-elect Rand Paul and Rep. Mike Pence from the Sunday show.

Election Day signals the end for cap and trade

A Republican House majority means it will be tougher for Obama to keep his campaign promises.

Help us build the House GOP-O-Meter!

We're working on a new campaign promises database for the Republican House majority.

Campaign ads that mattered

Most campaign ads this year pummeled viewers into submission -- or apathy. But a few didn't. Here are eight that changed the trajectory of their races.

The highs and lows of the 2010 campaign

We review the ups and downs of the 2010 campaign, a strange journey from "Aqua Buddha" to "Taliban Dan."

The 2010 e-mail Hall of Shame, election edition

We review the most persistent chain e-mails and why they're just not true.