Articles from April, 2011

The new politics of the vote on the debt ceiling

It's usually a partisan game. But this year's vote on raising the debt limit matters. 

Birthers not persuaded by Certificate of Live Birth

Now that the White House has released the original Certificate of Live Birth, is the issue finally settled? Not hardly, say those who have been at the forefront of the so-called birther movement.

From whispers to the White House briefing room: the tale of the birth certificate

It was an extraordinary moment: President Barack Obama strode into the White House briefing room Wednesday to reassure Americans he was born in the United States.

The Obama birth certificate: a timeline

How we got here from there.  

Links to documents involving President Obama

We provide an archive of documents.

PolitiFact's guide to Obama's birth certificate

Allegations from Donald Trump have prompted new interest in President Barack Obama's birth records. Here's a guide to our coverage.

Obama's remarks on the release of his birth certificate

The president spoke with reporters at the White House.

Obama releases birth certificate

After years of speculation, Obama releases his original birth certificate and says "We do not have time for this kind of silliness."  Donald Trump takes credit and says he's "honored" Obama responded to Trump's request.

Ron Paul's PolitiFact report card

Rep. Ron Paul has launched a presidential exploratory committee. We review his record on the Truth-O-Meter.

Is the proof in the polling?

In the debate over Medicare, pollsters will be keeping an eye on public sentiment.

A scorecard on Obama's environmental promises

On Earth Day, we examine President Barack Obama's campaign promises involving the environment. There's a lot of green.

Medicare mailbag: mixed metaphor edition

We gave a Pants on Fire rating to a Democratic ad that attacked the Republicans over proposed changes to Medicare. Many readers disagreed with our ruling and offered a wide variety of analogies involving the postal service, chickens and eagles to poke holes in our logic.

Checking the attack lines on Medicare

Major changes to Medicare in a proposal from Rep. Paul Ryan prompt some falsehoods from Democrats and pundits.

Politics and the Gulf oil spill: separating fact from fiction on the one-year anniversary

On the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill, we look back at some of the dozens of fact-checks we did of political claims that followed in its wake.

Keeping them honest on Tax Day

Since it's Tax Day,  the deadline to file 2010 tax returns, we thought we'd hit you with a couple tax-related fact checks.

Sorting out the facts on the Republican budget blueprint

The House today passed a Republican deficit-cutting budget blueprint championed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis. The plan has been praised by the right and attacked by the left; and we stepped in to referee some of the rhetoric.

Fact-checking President Obama's speech on fiscal policy

In an April 13, 2011, speech at George Washington University, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for America's fiscal future. He threw around a lot of numbers, and we were there to check.  

Fact-checking Tim Pawlenty's 'Courage to Stand'

Didn't read Tim Pawlenty's new book? We've got a book report for you.

Fact-checking claims about Planned Parenthood

The group has been a topic of debate for weeks. We put some of the claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Are Republicans moving the goalposts on the budget debate?

We review the evidence available outside the closed-door negotiations.

Putting Donald Trump to the Truth-O-Meter

With a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll showing Trump tied for second for the Republican nomination for president, we'll be checking his claims more often.

Flip-O-Meter bounces back to life

It was a slow winter for our Flip-O-Meter. But it is back in action with recent flips by Obama, Gingrich and a Half Flip by Tim Kaine.

Barack Obama in 2012: The re-election effort begins

The president formally launches his 2012 campaign in an e-mail to supporters. We review a few notable fact-checks from nearly 300.

Fact-checking the (possible) presidential candidates

The 2012 presidential campaign is just getting underway, with several possible candidates exploring whether to become official candidates. We put some of their recent statements to the Truth-O-Meter and Flip-O-Meter.