Articles from August, 2011

Does Clinton save 200 animals by being vegan?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals named former President Bill Clinton its "Man of the Year," saying "By choosing a plant-based diet, President Clinton has spared the lives of nearly 200 animals a year..."    

The toll attributable to IEDs in Afghanistan

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., raised concerns about the deadly toll from improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, during a trip to Pakistan.

Nuke treaty ratification appears out of reach

Ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty  -- the international agreement that prohibits testing of nuclear weapons -- remains a politically contentious issue. With no progress on President Obama promise, we rate this one Broken.

How the GOP candidates fare on the Truth-O-Meter

With one year to go before the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, we check out the candidates' PolitiFact report cards.

Debunking Rick Perry's claim about tort reform

The Texas governor says tort reform brought 21,000 doctors to the state. We rate that False.

Hurricane season: Check the barometer and the Obameter

As the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, we review President Obama's campaign promises to help the Gulf Coast recover.

The long tradition of presidents cutting red tape

With the Obama administration announcing regulatory reforms that reportedly will save over $10 billion, we review a recent Truth-O-Meter article that noted how all presidents claim to cut regulations.

PolitiFact turns 4!

We mark our fourth anniversary with a Truth-O-Meter tally and a list of our most popular fact-checks.

The truth about Gov. Rick Perry and secession

Critics often say Texas Gov Rick Perry wanted his state to secede from the union. PolitiFact Texas has explored this and found what he really said.

Debunking the legend about farm tractors

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been saying the government wants to require farmers to have a commercial drivers license before they can drive a farm tractor across a road. PolitiFact Texas checked it out and rated it False.

Fact-checking claims about the Texas economy

With Texas Gov. Rick Perry now running for president, we review our fact-checking on claims about jobs and the Texas economy.

The PolitiFact report card on Gov. Rick Perry

He's fared well on the Perry-O-Meter, the feature PolitiFact Texas uses to track his campaign promises. But on the Truth-O-Meter, he's got a hefty number of Falses and Pants on Fires.

Fact-checking the Iowa Republican debate

We're fact-checking claims from candidates at Thursday night's debate for the Republican presidential nomination.

It's Promise Week!

You've heard of Shark Week, Fashion Week and Biker Week. We're declaring this Promise Week and publishing updates to the Obameter and the GOP Pledge-O-Meter.

Gingrich v. Gawker

Does Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich have flocks of Twitter followers, or are many of them fly-by-night?

Mailbag: 'You idiots!' or 'You guys rock!'

Readers sound off on our latest fact-checks.

Fact-checking claims on jobs from across the nation

On the heels of a better-than-expected jobs report, we take a look at recent jobs-related fact-checks in PolitiFact and its state affiliates -- and find many of the claims wanting.  

Last-minute deal gives transparency a beating

The debt deal was not posted online for three days before a vote. Promise Broken on the GOP Pledge-O-Meter.

Looking back at trues and falses in debt ceiling debate

The debt ceiling debate appears to be slouching toward a conclusion -- at least for now. We look back at some of the fact-checks that PolitiFact and its state affiliates have done on the issue.