Lie of the Year generates more discussion

Rep. Steve Cohen discussed the Lie of the Year on the House floor.

Our 2010 Lie of the Year -- the claim that the health care law is a "government takeover" -- continues to prompt lots of discussion and debate

The Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial disagreeing with our choice, and then several other newspapers editorialized about it.

The Eau Claire (Wisconsin) Leader-Telegram wrote that, "In 2011, politicians should resolve to retire the 'government takeover' claim and other such fibs."

The Brattleboro (Vermont) Reformer noted that the elected officials who used the falsehood were helped because "the media did its part to spread the misconception."

But the Oklahoman disagreed with our conclusion and said that "Obamacare is planting the seeds for PolitiFact's 'lie' — a future in which the private health insurance market dies under the weight of rising costs and the industry's inability to remain profitable because of price controls."

On Thursday, Rep. Steve Cohen mentioned the Lie of the Year on the House floor.