Articles from July, 2011

Checking in on Obama's campaign promises

When he needs an OK from Congress, it's tougher for him to fulfill promises.

Campaign turns Minnesota not so nice

We check dueling claims from presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty

A change in the meter: Barely True is now Mostly False

After an overwhelming response from readers, we're changing the Truth-O-Meter. Barely True will now be called Mostly False.

Fact-checking Boehner and Obama on debt duel

We're checking claims by President Obama and Rep. John Boehner in their prime-time speeches.

Fact-checking claims about the debt crisis

As Washington debates the plans and proposals on the national debt, we check the facts.

Fact-checking Barack Obama

The president remains the single most fact-checked person on the Truth-O-Meter -- by a huge margin.

New Hampshire Public Radio joins PolitiFact

New Hampshire Public Radio has joined our partnership to fact-check candidates in the Granite State. Truth-O-Meter articles by the radio station's reporters will appear on our website and on NHPR programs.

Barely True, Mostly False: Our readers speak out

When we asked for reader opinion about whether to change our Barely True rating to Mostly False, the floodgates opened. And the comments went heavily in one direction.

How bad would default be for U.S. creditworthiness?

Michele Bachmann said that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, it’s "simply not true" that "somehow the United States will go into default and we will lose the full faith and credit of the United States." Is she right?

Apple honors PolitiFact app

Apple is highlighting the PolitiFact app on the iTunes home page, calling it "New and Noteworthy." We rate that statement True.

Sorting out the truth about the debt ceiling

As talks over raising the debt ceiling continue, we take a look at two items related to the divisive debate.

'Born This Way': What do scientists say about the origins of being gay?

Last Sunday, Republican presidential candidate and Lady Gaga fan Tim Pawlenty discussed the science behind sexual orientation. We checked whether there's a scientific consensus.

Get the Truth-O-Meter ready! Alan Grayson's running

Love him or love-to-hate him, Alan Grayson is returning to the political stage -- having announced he'll run for Congress in 2012. We unearth our favorite Grayson fact-checks.

Should Barely True be changed to Mostly False?

We are considering changing our rating system. We'd like to hear your thoughts on whether we should change Barely True to Mostly False.

Fact-checking the claims about (un)employment

The job numbers for June are worse than expected; we review some recent Truth-O-Meter items on employment.

We didn't stop at 140 characters

We fact-check the first-ever Twitter presidential town hall.

Is it true the rich are getting richer?

As Democrats talk of raising taxes on wealthier Americans, a look at our fact-checking on whether the income gap is growing.

Introducing the PolitiFact Truth Index

Our new Truth Index follows the ups and downs of our Truth-O-Meter rulings. It's like the Dow Jones Industrial Average of truth.

Mailbag: We 'blew it' . . . or we're an 'island of sanity'

Our inbox had a mix of criticism and praise for our recent rulings, including some feedback on our rating on Sarah Palin and Paul Revere.

Does ethanol bring down the price of gasoline?

As the nation takes off for a July 4 holiday, we try to pump some truth into the debate over ethanol, gasoline and subsidies.