Articles from August, 2012

At the GOP convention, the story of Mitt Romney

On the third night of the Republican National Convention, speakers and videos tell the story of the presidential nominee.

Ryan and the Simpson-Bowles Commission: the full story

In his speech accepting the vice presidential nomination, Paul Ryan blamed President Barack Obama for the failure of a presidentially appointed debt commission. But that ignored Ryan's own role.

Wednesday night at the GOP convention: the running mate and more

We're fact-checking the second full night of speeches at the Republican National Convention.

Celebrating business and hard work on opening night in Tampa

On the first night of the Republican National Convention, GOP speakers proclaim the value of hard work and criticize the country's direction under President Barack Obama.

In Tampa, claims are flying

The Republican National Convention launched into full swing Tuesday. To start off, we fact-checked some claims by and about former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida.

Are House Republicans keeping their campaign promises?

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, we check in on the House GOP and their 2010 campaign promises.

The guide to Medicare attack lines

There's a lot of claims going around about Medicare on the campaign trail. We sort out the truth.

Did Republicans vote to end Medicare "as we know it"?

Democrats have deployed this modified attack line in congressional races around the country. But is it more accurate?

Our free new app: Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender

Our new app, underwritten by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, will help you resolve dinner-table disputes and test your knowledge of the facts in American politics. It's available now for iPhones and Android devices. 

Fact-checking the TV game of connect the dots

On "The Today Show," we discussed recent campaign ads from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

6,000 & 5

We reaching two milestones this week: our fifth anniversary and our 6,000th Truth-O-Meter item.

With cars, Obama finds it's not easy being green

In updating our Obameter on campaign promises involving green cars, we find Obama has had considerable success but also hit some speed bumps.

Checking the facts on the $700 billion Medicare 'cut'

Mitt Romney says Barack Obama has cut Medicare by $700 billion. The Obama campaign says Republicans must not object because they included that $700 billion savings in Paul Ryan's budget. We check the facts.

Christie named keynote speaker for GOP convention

The New Jersey governor will be the headliner on Aug. 28.  PolitiFact New Jersey reviews his record on the Truth-O-Meter.

Fact-checking Paul Ryan, vice presidential candidate

Mitt Romney has picked U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as his vice presidential running mate for the Republican ticket. Here's how Ryan has fared on the Truth-O-Meter.

Battle of the week: welfare

Mitt Romney went first, attacking President Barack Obama over a welfare proposal. Then the White House fired back. In both cases, the results on the Truth-O-Meter were in the red.

Sorting out the truth in the campaign ad wars

If you're watching the Olympics or just tuning in to your local news, the campaign ads can be relentless. We've put dozens of them to the Truth-O-Meter as part of our Message Machine partnership with NPR.

Will millionaires "pay a little more" under Obama plan?

In a new campaign ad, President Obama says millionaires will "pay a little more" under his tax plan. We crunch the numbers to see how much that would be.

Obama's wartime presidency

We assess President Obama's ongoing record in Iraq and Afghanistan

Fact-checking Obama's TV ad on taxes

We look at a claim from a TV ad about Mitt Romney's tax plan.

Olympians will owe $9,000 in taxes on their medals?

We fact-check a claim from Americans for Tax Reform that Olympians are taxed 35 percent on their medals.