Articles from December, 2012

The Most Popular Fact-Checks of 2012

Readers voted with their eyeballs for our most popular fact-checks of the year.

Reflections on the Obameter and Obama's campaign promises

We've spent four years reporting on President Obama's 2008 campaign promises. As his first term nears its end, we reflect on his vision of government and the journalistic challenge of tracking 508 campaign promises.

PolitiFact's oddest fact-checks of 2012

The Truth-O-Meter has a sense of humor (we swear) so we occasionally do light-hearted or downright odd fact-checks. Here are some of the more unusual fact-checks we did in 2012.

Fact-checks of Christmases past

Not even the holiday is exempt from political claims! Here are a few fact-checks from our archive for your stocking.

Fact-checks on gun control and gun violence

The shooting in Newtown, Conn., that killed 26 people has reopened a national debate about gun control. As it unfolds, you might hear some familiar claims. Here's our roundup.

The Obameter and the rise of Compromise

As we wrap up our updates on Obama's 2008 campaign promises, many are getting rated Compromise.

Mailbag: Lie of the Year edition

Readers react to this year's choice for PolitiFact Lie of the Year -- Mitt Romney's claim that Chrysler was going to move Jeep production to China at the cost of American jobs.

Lie of the Year: the Romney campaign's ad on Jeeps made in China

Romney's claim about Jeep moving production to China at the expense of American jobs was last-ditch effort to win the election, but it hit a roadblock: the facts.

Lie of the Year: Readers' Poll Results

What did our readers think? Here are the final online poll results.

The tale of a falsehood, minute by minute

It began as an accurate news story but got twisted and amplified.

Readers speak out on the Lie of the Year

Readers who chose the Jeep ad as the Lie of the Year had strong feelings about it.

Top 10 most obscure Obama campaign promises

Our Obameter includes many promises that are so deep in the weeds that only a wonk could love them. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Wired magazine names PolitiFact an 'essential app'

The tech magazine says our iPhone/Android app is "truly nonpartisan" and is "a great way to quickly see who's fleecing you when."

The 2012 Lie of the Year Finalists: Vote in the Readers' Poll

We announce the 10 finalists for PolitiFact's Lie of the Year and invite you to cast your ballot in our Readers' Poll.

Has Obama reduced the nuclear threat?

On Monday, President Barack Obama is set to address a symposium about securing nuclear materials in order to prevent them from being made into weapons. We recently checked eight promises by Obama from the 2008 campaign on such issues. Here's our rundown.