Did Obama sign a controversial bill 'in secret'?

Andrew Napolitano, a legal commentator for Fox News, raised questions about a law signed by President Barack Obama. But is he right that the law was signed "in secret"?

Did President Barack Obama sign a controversial bill "in secret"? That’s what a new chain email claims, citing conservative legal commentator Andrew Napolitano.

"Who would have believed this would ever happen in the USA . . . . .  or is this 1933, and are we in NAZI Germany," the chain email says. "This is serious and it just was signed into law last Thursday, March 15th in SECRET!!  HR 347. Our glorious politicians on both sides, and Obama do it again!"
The email links to a Fox News segment with Napolitano, as well as a Cincinnati TV station’s "reality check" on the law and a blog post by the American Civil Liberties Union.

We found that the path of H.R. 347 to the president's desk was actually quite public and rated the claim Pants on Fire.