Articles from May, 2012

Tracking governors' campaign promises

Want to know if governors are keeping their campaign promises? Check out our Walk-O-Meter, Bob-O-Meter and others that rate whether the promises are kept or broken.

Truth is elusive in Wisconsin recall campaign

The Wisconsin recall election is making the Truth-O-Meter overheat. PolitiFact Wisconsin finds 34 of 54 claims to be Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire.

Rating Obama's response to the foreclosure crisis

We check Obama's record on the foreclosure crisis and see if Crossroads GPS is correct that he broke his promise.

Lots of heat (and some light) on Obama's spending

Our fact-check on a Facebook claim that President Barack Obama isn't as big a spender as many people think drew lots of support from Obama backers and a barrage of criticism from opponents. We recap the debate.

Facebook post on target about Obama's spending

A column in MarketWatch that busted stereotypes about the tax-and-spend Democratic stereotype was turned into a Facebook post that went viral. We checked the facts.

In context: Cory Booker and the 'nauseating' ads

Newark Mayor Cory Booker touched off a kerfuffle when he criticized the Obama campaign for hammering Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital. Booker's video response was interpreted as a backtrack. But how much did he really backtrack?

PolitiFact's guide to Mitt Romney's flip-flops

We use our Flip-O-Meter to explore whether Romney flipped on issues such as abortion, gun control and TARP. We find some Full Flops -- and some No Flips.

Fact-checking the new Crossroads GPS ad

We look at an attack ad that highlights Obama’s "broken" promises.

Fact-checking Obama about Romney and Bain Capital

A new Obama ad says a steel company went bankrupt after Romney's Bain Capital took over. We check the facts.

Chamber of Commerce distorts facts on Medicare

We check two claims from a Chamber of Commerce ad attacking U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and find the group is twisting the facts to scare senior citizens.

Help us rate Obama's campaign promises

We'll be updating our Obameter ratings in the next few months. We'd love your suggestions about the promises now rated In the Works or Stalled.

Letter from a Rachel Maddow fan

The MSNBC talk show host is unhappy with our Mostly False rating on a claim by the National Right to Life Committee. Here's a letter that a Maddow fan sent to her show about the rating.

Mailbag: You are 'sometimes difficult to defend'

As usual, our readers unloaded their thoughts on us in recent weeks. Here's a sampling of recent reader e-mails and tweets.

Does White House count unborn for tour security?

The National Right to Life Committee says a new email shows the White House recognizes a baby that has not been born for security purposes. We put the claim to the Truth-O-Meter.

Fact-checking candidate Barack Obama

With the GOP nomination battle settled, the general election campaign is well under way. Here, we take a look at recent fact-checks of statements by President Barack Obama and his campaign.

The PolitiFact guide to Medicare attack lines

As we move into the general election season, beware of sensational claims about Medicare. Our in-depth report looks at the history and the issues for 2012.

Line by line: How an ad uses sleight-of-hand to distort facts on stimulus

An ad from Americans for Prosperity is a case study in how to weave falsehoods, exaggerations and the occasional fact. We take a closer look.

Boomerang kids, a Crossroads ad and the media echo chamber

A statistic about college grads returning home got repeated by the media without scrutiny. Here's a look at how it ended up in an American Crossroads ad.

Bidding farewell to Newt: our five favorite fact-checks

Few candidates provided more colorful claims to check than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who's finally leaving the Republican primary contest. Here are our favorite Newt-centric fact-checks.

A flurry of Half Trues

As the general election campaign heats up, we're seeing a lot of cherry-picking and partially accurate claims.