Articles from September, 2012

Grading Obama on education reform

Barack Obama made 31 promises about education, from expanding early learning programs to adding public charter schools. We put his performance to the Obameter.

PAC's newspaper ad filled with falsehoods

The ad from the Government is Not God PAC has run in papers in Ohio and Florida. We put its claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Fact-checking that spans the globe

With the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, we fact-check claims about China, Iran and Israel.

Romney ad goes on offense about defense cuts

We fact-check a claim from a Mitt Romney campaign ad that says President Barack Obama wants to cut the defense budget.

'Redistribution': Ominous or old hat?

We look into comments from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on redistribution and find it's long been a part of U.S. tax policy.

Half-truths fill the air

Campaign ads are famous for being false. But we actually give more Half True ratings.

Fact-checking Romney’s private fundraiser remarks

Mitt Romney said his comments in a controversial video were "not elegantly stated." They’re also not entirely true. Our fact-checks of the surreptitious recording.

Take the PolitiFact Challenge!

Test your knowledge of our fact-checking with the quiz in our free new app.

Mailbag: Party conventions edition

As we kicked into high gear for the party conventions, our readers were right there with us, challenging and cheering our work.

Did the U.S. embassy in Cairo make an apology?

Returning to a frequent theme of his campaign, Mitt Romney on Wednesday charged that the Obama administration, through a statement released by the U.S. embassy in Cairo, made an "apology" to Islamic radicals. We take a closer look.

You can handle the truth

Neil Brown, editor of the Tampa Bay Times, says the recent controversy over fact-checking is all about power.

Has 'In God We Trust' been taken off U.S. coins?

Mitt Romney said, "I will not take ‘God’ off our coins." But it turns out the phrase "In God We Trust" has been there all along.

Greatest hits from the Tampa and Charlotte conventions

We choose our most significant fact-checks from the Republican and Democratic conventions.

On final night in Charlotte, Obama takes the stage

We fact-check the speeches by President Obama (and his warm-up acts).

Did President Obama save the auto industry?

Experts say it wasn't just Obama -- he got critical help from President Bush.

Bill Clinton's night at the Democratic convention

We're fact-checking the speeches on the second night of the Democratic National Convention.

Celebrating Democrats, past and present, in Charlotte

As the Democratic National Convention opens in Charlotte, the party pays tribute to its heroes and highlights its positions on abortion rights and health care.

A scorecard on President Obama's campaign promises

On the eve of the Democratic convention in Charlotte, we review our Obameter to see how Obama has fared on his 508 promises from the 2008 campaign.

The lists: Barack Obama's Top 10 Broken and Kept promises

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, we check in on our Obameter to look at Obama's campaign promises.