Articles from August, 2013

What the law and the past say about attacking Syria

The president's authority to use military force against Syria is front and center. It's not the first time the question has come up. We review what we've learned about the law, and how it has played out depending on the circumstances.

The Top Five: PolitiFact’s most-clicked August items

Fact-checks about the Obama family's vacation, the federal budget and the United Nations confiscating guns captured readers' attention this month.

Mike Huckabee's claim on gun homicides misfires

Mike Huckabee said America's gun-related homicide rate would be the same as Belgium if you left out just a few states. We found this talking point doesn't work, even on its own terms.

Has 'Little Red Riding Hood' been banned, but not assault weapons?

We analyze an ad from a gun control group that has been widely shared on social media.

How many kids have been cut from Head Start?

We fact-checked several claims this year about Head Start and the sequester. New evidence is now available on how the program for preschoolers is handling budget cuts.

Debunked health care claims live on at Heritage town hall

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint appeared at a "Defund Obamacare" town hall event in Tampa on Wednesday night. We've heard claims we've debunked before.

Happy Birthday, PolitiFact! PolitiFact turns 6

We celebrate our birthday by looking at the most popular fact-checks, people and issues of the past year.

Is Ted Cruz, born in Canada, eligible to run for president?

We've looked at the Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural born" citizen several times. With Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the news about his birth in Canada, we look again.

Will Obamacare hurt Medicare Advantage?

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been saying that Obamacare will reduce benefits and drive up costs for the Medicare Advantage program. Experts said his warnings don't tell the full story.

Rand Paul stretches the truth on 'The Daily Show'

Sen. Rand Paul went on The Daily Show and talked about health care for young people. Some of his comments, though, didn't paint an accurate picture of the federal health law and its costs.

Fact-checking the Kentucky Senate race

Next year, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will have a challenger in the Republican primary. The political ads have already started.

Australian political ad: A health care system like America’s? OH NO!

We’re used to seeing political ads warning Americans that someone wants to make our health system like Canada or the U.K. The shoe’s on the other foot now: In Australia, our health care system is the one scaring people. PolitiFact Australia checks the facts.

Who vacationed more, Bush or Obama?

Presidential vacations sometimes prompt criticism over cost and appearances, and President Barack Obama's current vacation is no exception. We look at the vacations of Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Is the U.N. coming to take your guns?

A realistic-looking United Nations document says the confiscation of civilian firearms is on its way. But we checked with the U.N. and discovered that the document is just a clever fake.

New fact-checking websites span the globe

Fact-checkers are now holding public officials accountable in Africa, South America, Australia and Europe.

Is the health care law hurting the economy?

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has been making claims that Obamacare is a law that hurts the economy. But much of the evidence suggests another law deserves blame.

The truth(s) behind part-time jobs and the recovery

A Republican said the economy is mostly producing part-time jobs. A Democrat said it's mostly been producing full-time jobs. Could both of them be right?

Debating the deficit

Two recent fact-checks on the deficit reveal a mixed fiscal future, and how nuanced claims about the federal budget can be.

Mailbag, Facebook edition: 'PolitiFact gets another Mostly Fail rating'

Facebook readers told us our work was "weird," inconsistent and defied logic — and offered thanks for "telling us the truth and naming the lies."

Catching up with campaign promises on the Obameter

We check in on President Obama’s campaign promises about Guantanamo Bay, same-sex marriage, education and clean energy.

The Top Five: PolitiFact’s most-clicked items for July

Readers checked out our fact-checks on the economy, the George Zimmerman trial, health care and a chain email about ‘dhimmitude.’