Articles from January, 2013

Fact-checking attacks on defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel

Thought those super PAC ads would go away after the election? Think again!

Fact-checking Dianne Feinstein on assault weapons and police deaths

We examine the claim that 1 in 5 police shooting deaths are committed with assault weapons.

Federal spending on old and young, by the numbers

In his inaugural address, President Obama said we should not have to choose "between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future." We look at current numbers on federal spending.

Fact-checking claims on guns and gun violence

When it comes to guns and gun violence, the rhetoric includes both fact and fiction.

An outbreak of truth

Our Truth Index shows we've been giving more True and Mostly True ratings since the end of the 2012 campaign. But with the debate over gun control heating up, the index has dipped into negative territory again.

Obama's new promises for his second term

We've collected 24 promises that President Obama made in the 2012 campaign. We're adding them to our award-winning Obameter and will be following them over the next four years.

A PolitiFact special report: Obama's first-term campaign promises

For four years, we've been tracking President Obama's 2008 campaign promises on our Obameter. Here's the definitive  tally of the promises he has kept and broken.

Obama campaign promises that are still in progress

We've rated nearly all of President Obama's 508 promises from the 2008 campaign as Kept, Broken or Compromise. But to use a favorite Obama phrase, we are kicking the can down the road for a small number. Here's the rundown.

Did the House GOP keep its campaign promises?

In our final report card on the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, we look at how House Republicans fared on the promises they made to voters in 2010.

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Fact-checking Marco Rubio on the fiscal cliff

Rubio voted against the deal, but before that he tweeted about who supported Social Security changes -- the GOP or Obama?

Fiscal cliff deal gets to heart of Obama’s tax promises

The deal reached in Washington to avoid overnight tax increases and spending cuts struck at the core of President Barack Obama's promises on taxes.