Articles from July, 2013

Americans & Australians on carbon-control politics

An Australian lawmaker attacking his nation’s carbon tax plan recently claimed the United States was unlikely to adopt cap and trade before 2020. Our fact-checkers on two continents checked it out.

Rubio's bad statistic on Obamacare and business

Sen. Marco Rubio, urging Congress to defund the Affordable Care Act, mischaracterizes its effect on small businesses — in a big way.

Of Dreamers and drug mules: Rep. King on the DREAM Act

U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, recently said the DREAM Act would help more drug runners than valedictorians. We sift through the scanty evidence on his claim.

Fact-checking Obama on the economy

President Obama has been talking about jobs, income inequality and the federal budget. We're checking the facts.

Four familiar facts from Barack Obama’s speech

President Barack Obama invoked some familiar facts in support of his vision for the U.S. economy on Wednesday at Knox College.

Can President Obama 'wave a magic wand' and give the right to vote?

In an interview, Michele Bachmann warned that immigration law can be changed by the president at will. That's not supported by evidence, though.

PolitiFact Virginia fact-checks the campaign for governor

It's Republican Ken Cuccinelli versus Democrat Terry McAuliffe vying for the governor's seat in Virginia. Our state partner has been checking the facts.

Who got nominees faster? Obama or Bush?

We fact-check a claim from Mitch McConnell about how the Senate has handled presidential nominations over the years.

Fact-checks about the case involving George Zimmerman

We've looked into several claims about Trayvon Martin's death in Sanford, Fla., and its aftermath.

Fact-checking the debate over food stamps

Democrats assailed a Republican decision to pass a farm bill in the House without addressing food stamps, breaking a tradition dating back to the 1970s. We checked a claim related to food stamps -- that "more Americans receive food aid than work in (the) private sector." We found multiple problems with the comparison.

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What's the definition of 'terrorism'?

Government officials and ordinary people talk about terrorism all the time, but everyone has their own definition. Not even the U.S. government speaks with a unified voice on this question. We take a closer look.

Top five falsehoods of the immigration debate

From fence opt-out clauses to free phones for immigrants, PolitiFact has tracked rhetoric of the immigration debate. Here’s our collection of the top five falsehoods.

Mailbag: 'Everybody gets one chance to be royally wrong'

As we enjoy the July Fourth festivities, we give readers a chance to sound off about our fact-checks.

Fact-checking claims about the Declaration of Independence

We celebrate Independence Day with a peek into the PolitiFact archives. Politicians love to invoke documents drafted by our founders — but that doesn’t mean they always get them right.

Are Americans being 'targeted' for surveillance?

Comments from President Barack Obama and leaker Edward Snowden about "targeting" seemed at odds. So we took a deep dive into the legal issues behind what the word means.

When the Truth-O-Meter combusts

We've fact-checked several claims recently that have received our worst rating -- Pants on Fire! Here's a quick rundown of the inaccuracies on topics from abortion to the federal income tax.