Articles from September, 2013

Syrian rebels include extremists, but how many?

Will U.S. aid in Syria's civil war benefit the nation's moderates, or factions of al-Qaida? Lawmakers' estimates aren't easy to confirm.  

Top 16 myths about the health care law

Because a Top 10 can't capture all the exaggerations.

Maryland vs. Texas on CNN's “Crossfire”

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Texas Gov. Rick Perry argued about jobs and the economy when they appeared together on Crossfire.

Obamacare will question your sex life?

That's the startling claim in a recent New York Post op-ed. An investigation of the facts reveals a different story.

Comparing the Great Recession and the Great Depression

In an interview on ABC's This Week, President Barack Obama suggested that the economy he inherited may have been worse than the one during the Great Depression. There's some evidence to support that, but a lot that doesn't.

No, Warren Buffett didn't say Obamacare should be scrapped

A media hubbub over Warren Buffett's purported rejection of President Barack Obama's health care law was based on an interview that ran three and a half years ago, before Congress even passed the law.

Getting rid of chemical weapons: How it works

The U.S.-Russian agreement to rid Syria of chemical weapons sets an ambitious schedule. We talked with weapons experts about how to verify that deadly materials actually get destroyed.

Democrats who supported Syria action rewrite history on Iraq war

Secretary of State John Kerry and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., trounced on history as they supported President Obama’s moves against Syria.

Has Russia vetoed even simple U.N. press releases about Syria?

That’s probably true. But independently confirming it is another matter.

Would a U.S. strike in Syria violate international law?

President Barack Obama wanted Congress to back to airstrikes against Syria. But even with congressional approval, would a strike be legal under international law? We review the evidence.

Michele Bachmann's comments on 9/11 and the Muslim Brotherhood

Bachmann's recent remarks on Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and 9/11 could leave a wrong impression with some listeners. So we set the record straight about who was responsible for the 2001 terror attacks.

Fact-checking claims about military strikes against Syria

As President Obama makes his case to Congress for an authorization of force, we've looked at claims about chemical weapons, mass casualties, refugees and red lines.

Alan Grayson claims 45,000 people die a year because they lack health insurance

We explain the science -- and the skepticism -- of studies that pin down the number of deaths due to not having health insurance.

In Context: President Obama, Syria and the ‘red line’

Did Obama deny making comments about setting a "red line" on Syria?

What needs a fact-check on health care?

As a key part of Obamacare goes into effect on Oct. 1, we’re asking for your ideas and questions about what you’d like to read.

Mailbag: 'I rate PolitiFact’s conclusions Mostly False'

The dog days of summer have brought many critiques of our work, plus some praise. Here's some of what PolitiFact's readers have been saying recently.