Articles from February, 2014

GOP reacts to Ted Nugent comments

Rand Paul told a tea party meeting that supporters should avoid name-calling and focus on the positive. PunditFact has fact-checked two points about Nugent’s controversial criticism of President Barack Obama.

Debt vs. deficit: What’s the difference?

A few recent fact-checks show that falling deficits don’t mean falling debt.

Advocacy group stirs Michigan senate race with ad featuring leukemia patient

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group funded by the Koch brothers, is going after the Democratic candidate in Michigan's open U.S. Senate race for voting for the Affordable Care Act. In a 60-second ad, Julie Boonstra, a Michigan woman with leukemia, explains how she lost her insurance because it did not meet standards for coverage set by Obamacare. She claims by voting for President Barack Obama's health law, Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich., put her life at risk and stuck her with a policy that was unaffordable. While a harrowing account, there's a lot more to this story than the ad lets on.

PolitiFact Wisconsin looks at 5 key pieces of Scott Walker's record

As Gov. Scott Walker gains more national attention, PolitiFact Wisconsin looks back at his record on jobs, taxes and fiscal prudence.

PunditFact fact-checks the Feb. 23 news shows

The political unrest in Ukraine dominated discussion on the Sundays shows.

2014 campaign rhetoric is off and running

We're tracking elections around the country and have already found claims in need of debunking.

Mailbag: 'You guys are really being finicky'

Another in our regular installment of reader feedback in all its glory.

Taking a break for the PolitiFact Palooza

PolitiFact editors meet at the Poynter Institute in Florida this week to plan for 2014 and beyond. (A little sunshine doesn't hurt, either!) We'll be back with new fact-checks later in the week.

PunditFact fact-checks the Sunday Feb. 16 news shows

Panelists on ABC's "This Week" asked for our help on a claim about presidential inaugural history.

Attack ad on Obamacare revives talking points old and new

An ad from the National Republican Congressional Committee attacks Alex Sink, a Democrat running for Congress in Florida, for supporting the health care law. We put its claims to our Truth-O-Meter. 

Does an Americans for Prosperity ad about a woman with lupus tell the whole story?

We explore the issues raised by a recent political ad that features one person talking to a camera about the health care law.

The federal health care law and volunteer firefighters

The U.S. Treasury Department released the final guidelines for businesses to comply with the employer mandate provision in the Affordable Care Act. Included in the regulations was a provision exempting volunteer fire and rescue units, an issue we previously tackled in a fact-check.

Fact-checking the Sunday Feb. 9 news shows

Pundits and politicians talked about the Sochi Olympics, and a report from the Congressional Budget Office about the health care law.

In context: What Obama said about "fundamentally transforming" the nation

When President Barack Obama said he had no plans to "fundamentally transform" the nation during a Super Bowl Sunday interview, that sent some viewers back to the archives to find a 2008 quote.

Sorting out the numbers on jobs, workers and the federal health care law

A report from the widely respected Congressional Budget Office has stoked debate about how the federal health care law will affect the workforce.

PolitiFact's Top 5 fact-checks for January

The month brought fact-checks on employment, energy, education -- and beheadings.

PunditFact's fact or fiction guide to the Super Bowl

PunditFact decided to check in on the sports pundits ahead of the big game between Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.