New York Times calls PolitiFact app 'fun, fascinating and at times depressing'

Use PolitiFact's mobile app for truth on the go.
Use PolitiFact's mobile app for truth on the go.

What’s "fun, fascinating and at times depressing"? According to the New York Times, we are. Or, specifically, the PolitiFact Mobile app.

Here’s the Times’ verdict:

"Check the accuracy of a politician’s comments with PolitiFact Mobile, $2 on iOS and Android. Here you will find the Truth-O-Meter, a measure of the truthfulness of a politician’s recent statements.

"The group running the app is a division of the Tampa Bay Times. The statements are fact-checked and then given a neat summary and some eye-pleasing graphics. You can see the most recent ratings, choose to see only truths or lies, or view ratings listed by person or subject.

"PolitiFact is fun, fascinating and at times depressing. Most important, the app reminds listeners to think for themselves when hearing political arguments, and not to rely only on the word of a politician or other political commentator."

We couldn’t agree more.

Our app for your phone or tablet is $1.99 on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

You get the same award-winning reporting and politician report cards that power our site, plus:

• The Truth Index – It’s like the Dow Jones Industrial Average of truth, a daily index that shows the ups and downs of all of our Truth-O-Meter rulings.

•  The Truth-O-Meter Tally – An interactive feature that allows you to compare Truth-O-Meter rulings by subject. Are there more falsehoods in claims about health care or the economy?

•  The Flip-O-Meter Tally – A running tally that shows the latest count for Half Flips and Full Flops.

•  An email feature — It allows you to send your favorite Truth-O-Meter items to friends and co-workers.

• A Pants on Fire button — Press the button, hear the satisfying "Pants on Fire!" siren. It’s our favorite couch companion for speeches and debates.

Download now to stay on top of all the election-year mudslinging.