Articles from October, 2015

Fact-checking the Republican CNBC debate

The GOP field attacked each other, Democrats, the moderators and the press. We checked their facts on immigration, business, taxes, senate voting records and Mark Zuckerberg.     Read an archive of PolitiFact's live blog of the debate Compare the Truth-O-Meter records of the Republican candidates

Examining Ben Carson's proposal for health savings accounts

Ben Carson wants to reshape Medicare and Medicaid by giving people health savings accounts. We dissect what he's said so far. 

Previewing Donald Trump's 'Today' show town hall

Donald Trump will bring his off-the-cuff campaign rhetoric to a national audience Monday in a Today show town hall meeting. Here's what we've learned him from at PolitiFact since he entered the race.

Paul Ryan on the Truth-O-Meter

With Paul Ryan's ascendancy to House Speaker appearing certain, we take a look at his record on the Truth-O-Meter.

PolitiFact sheet: Where the parties diverge on Benghazi, Clinton

As Hillary Clinton prepares to testify before the House committee looking at Benghazi, we take a look at four areas of discord between Republicans and Democrats. History of attacks: A look at past attacks on U.S. diplomats overseas True: State Department cut security in Libya before deadly terror attacks Mostly False: Hillary Clinton was ‘asked repeatedly to provide security in Benghazi … including direct cables’

Finally, Joe Biden makes his decision

The vice president isn't running. As a valedictory, here's a rundown of how Joe Biden has fared on the Truth-O-Meter over the years.  

The Truth-O-Meter is coming to Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Ohio

PolitiFact and the E.W. Scripps Company are partnering to provide local fact-checking in four key 2016 battleground states.

Mailbag: 'Be real journalists!'

During late summer and early fall, we had a cornucopia of reader mail. Here's a sampling.

Fact checking the Oct. 18 Sunday news shows

We looked at claims by Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

At Democratic debate, Clinton said private email use was 'allowed'

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was certainly unusual, but was it allowed by the State Department? We explain why we're leaving this statement unrated.    • Fact-checking the first Democratic presidential debate • What Bernie Sanders said about not being a billionaire

What Bernie Sanders said about not being a billionaire

We take a look at the Vermont senator's unique White House pitch.    • Fact-checking the first Democratic presidential debate

Fact-checking the first Democratic presidential debate

The Democratic contenders for the White House introduce themselves to voters in a mostly friendly debate on CNN.

How have the Democratic candidates fared on the Truth-O-Meter?

The Democratics take the debate stage Oct. 13, 2015. Here's how Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the gang have done so far on the Truth-O-Meter. FOLLOW OUR LIVE FACT-CHECKING OF THE FIRST DEBATE STARTING AT 8:30 P.M.   

Fact-checking the Oct. 11 Sunday shows

A testy exchange between a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus and a moderate Republican demonstrates the fractures in the GOP, which has yet to agree on a new House speaker. And Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz claims that under George W. Bush, "we were losing 750,000 jobs."

In the crossfire: Fact-checking claims about guns

We summarize a few of our recent fact-checks about guns.   • Experts: Values can trump data in gun debate • In Context: What Kevin McCarthy said about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi  

Experts: Values can trump data in gun debate

We asked experts whether data convinces people when thinking about gun control and gun rights. 

In Context: What Kevin McCarthy said about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi

Democrats have been making hay out of comments from U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who has now dropped out of the running for speaker of the House. We wanted to look at exactly what he said about the Select Committee on Benghazi.

Checking in on Hillary Clinton's Truth-O-Meter record

PolitiFact has fact-checked the Democratic presidential candidate 125 times. How do her claims stack up on the Truth-O-Meter?

PunditFact fact-checks the Oct. 4 Sunday shows

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump defended his recent call to send back Syrian refugees if elected president by saying they are mostly men whose backgrounds we don't know. George Stephanopoulos said half of the refugees are children. Who's right?

PolitiFact's top 5 most-read articles in September 2015

The list of most-clicked stories in September was dominated by questionable social-media posts on Democratic candidates and an Alaskan mountain, as well as the second Republican debate and the Iran nuclear deal.