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Mailbag: 'Your analysis is pathetic'

Here's our periodic roundup of comments, complaints and compliments from readers.

As Donald Trump prepares immigration speech, mass deportation at issue

Donald Trump plans to deliver an immigration-focused speech Aug. 31 in Phoenix. While Trump has been consistent about building a wall along the southern border, he has been unclear on mass deportations. Ahead of his speech, PolitiFact collected Trump's varying comments on mass deportations since the beginning of his campaign.

Fact-checking the Aug. 28 Sunday shows

Every week, we fact-check Meet the Press. 

Fact-checking Trump's first general election ad on immigration

Refugees and illegal immigration are focus of Trump's first national ad of general election.

Happy 9th birthday, PolitiFact!

birthday birthday it's our birthday

What we know about the health of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Is Donald Trump a narcissist? A sociopath? Something worse? Is Hillary Clinton suffering from epilepsy? The aftermath of a stroke? Dementia? Here's what we really know about the health of the two presidential candidates.

The post-truth election? Comparing 2016 to past elections on the Truth-O-Meter

We've seen the stories -- that 2016 will go down as the post-truth or post-fact election. But is that true?

Donald Trump's speech about fighting 'radical Islamic terrorism,' fact-checked

Fact-checking Trump's Aug. 15, 2016, speech.

In context: Donald Trump's 'Second Amendment people' comment

Donald Trump drew criticism from some quarters over his reference to "Second Amendment people" and how they can prevent Hillary Clinton from appointing Supreme Court justices. But is it justified? Here's the text and video to make your own judgment.

Fact-checking Tim Kaine, Rick Scott's super PAC on 'Meet the Press'

Fact-checking the Aug. 7 edition of "Meet the Press."

Did Trump campaign soften platform language to benefit Russia?

Donald Trump has turned heads by having some seemingly nice things to say about Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin.

What you need to know about Donald Trump, Russia and Ukraine

Donald Trump was mocked for his perceived ignorance of Russia's presence in Ukraine. Let's explore.

PolitiFact’s coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Every fact-check from the Democratic National Convention.

PolitiFact’s coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention

PolitiFacts many fact-checks from the Republican National Convention