Articles from September, 2016

PolitiFact's video rewind for Sept. 30

Every Friday we'll highlight some of the fact-checks from the presidential campaign trail.

Was NAFTA 'worst trade deal ever'? Few agree

Historically, workers hurt by global trade have leaned Democratic. But Trump's full throated attack on trade deals and China could change that.

Who is Alicia Machado?

Hillary Clinton invoked her name during the first presidential debate as one of the women Donald Trump has insulted. 

Los hechos detrás del primer debate presidencial entre Clinton y Trump

PolitiFact analizó en vivo el debate entre los candidatos a la Presidencia de Estados Unidos. Cambio climático, declaraciones de impuestos y datos de violencia, algunos de los temas en este resumen de los chequeos realizados. El sitio argentino produjo​ una traducción.

Fact-checking the first presidential debate

PolitiFact's running blog of fact-checks at the first presidential debate.

The first presidential debate annotated

We're annotating the first presidential debate on Medium.

Fact-checking the first Trump, Clinton presidential debate

The staff of PolitiFact live fact-checks the first 2016 presidential debate.

The truth about the 2016 presidential campaign

What we've learned about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump after nearly 400 fact-checks.

PolitiFact's video rewind for Sept. 23

Every Friday we'll highlight some of the fact-checks from the presidential campaign trail.

PolitiFact Sheet: Comparing the Clinton and Trump foundations

Each candidate is under fire for their family foundation. We created a side-by-side chart to understand the issues at play.

A fact-checker’s advice for debate moderators

PolitiFact Editor Angie Drobnic Holan reflects on fact-checking debates and how moderators' performance matters. 

Hillary Clinton and the birther movement: Still nothing there

Donald Trump may have conceded that President Barack Obama was born in America, but he didn't dial down his claim that Hillary Clinton started the birther rumors in the first place. We took a look at all the evidence, especially new allegations.

PolitiFact's video rewind for Sept. 16

Every Friday we'll highlight some of the fact-checks from the presidential campaign trail.

5 big falsehoods of the 2016 election

From time to time, readers ask what are the biggest whoppers we’ve heard from the candidates for president so far this year. So we decided to take a quick look through the archives.

Donald Trump says he doesn't invest in the stock market. Here's his portfolio

Donald Trump told CNBC, "I don’t invest in the stock market." ​But 14 months earlier, his stock holdings and earnings were likely $24 million or more.

Inside fact-checking: A conversation with Lucas Graves, author of 'Deciding What's True'

PolitiFact Editor Angie Drobnic Holan interviews Lucas Graves, author of Deciding What's True

In Context: Hillary Clinton and the 'basket of deplorables'

We look at Hillary Clinton's comments about Donald Trump supporters. 

What Donald Trump said about intelligence briefings

Pundits ridiculed Trump's comments about his intelligence briefings. Experts piled on, too. 

Should the U.S. have kept Iraq's oil, as Donald Trump argues?

Foreign policy experts are flummoxed by an idea Trump has advocated for years.

PolitiFact's video rewind for Sept. 9

Every Friday we'll highlight some of the fact-checks from the presidential campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton says of Libya, 'We did not lose a single American in that action'

In forum, Clinton narrowly framed U.S. death toll in Libya

'What is Aleppo?' We'll explain it to you, and Gary Johnson

Libertarian presidential candidate asked on a national television program, "What is Aleppo"? We decided to help him with an answer.

Meet Donald Trump's 88 military advisers

PolitiFact took the list of retired military commanders supporting Trump and provided links to background about the personal and military history.  

Fact-checking the NBC 'commander-in-chief' forum

We fact-checked the NBC town hall forum featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In Tanzania, Clinton Foundation trades on maize and beans, not name

The Clinton Foundation is a magnet for controversy in this election. But on the other side of the globe in rural Tanzania, the foundation aims to lift the welfare of the smallest farmers. And it's making headway.

Fact-checking Mike Pence on 'Meet the Press'

Mike Pence defended Donald Trump's immigration policies on Meet the Press. 

U.S. would be only country with religious test at border under Trump, Clinton says

Trump has changed his langugage quite a bit on his proposed muslim ban that he orginally made in December. 

PolitiFact's video rewind for Sept. 2

We're launching a new weekly video to highlight some of the fact-checks from the presidential campaign trail.

Fact-checking the Clinton Foundation controversy

We’re here to help you sort out the truth about the Clinton Foundation controversy. It’s not as clear cut as Clinton’s attackers describe, and there’s nuance missing from the Clintons’ defense.

Fact-checking Donald Trump's immigration speech in Phoenix

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump offered an aggressive 10-point plan Wednesday to crack down on illegal immigration, including the creation of a "deportation task force" and a pledge to deport people living here illegally who are arrested for crimes,