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PolitiFact, Poynter to partner with George Washington University on data integrity and democracy

A new research institute at the George Washington University will partner with the Poynter Institute and PolitiFact to fight the rise of distorted and misleading information online, working to educate policymakers and journalists on strategies to grapple with the threat to democracy posed by digital propaganda and deception.

The Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics (IDDP) will be a research ...

Statement on The Guardian story of Dec. 13, 2018, about fact-checking and Facebook

A recent story in the Guardian claimed that Facebook pushed reporters to prioritize the debunking of misinformation that affected Facebook advertisers.

That has never happened in our experience. As with all our work, we decide what to fact-check and arrive at our conclusions without input from Facebook or any third party. Any claim suggesting otherwise is misinformed and baseless.

We ...

Guest column: Judging President Donald Trump 'literally'

Editor's note: Jason Altmire is PolitiFact's Democratic guest columnist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district from 2007-13. Read more about the guest columnist position here.

In this critique, Altmire is writing about a fact-check of a claim made by President Donald Trump about private-sector space programs, which you can read here ...

Guest column: Tax law fact-check previews midterms messaging

Editor's note: David Jolly is PolitiFact's Republican guest columnist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Florida's 13th congressional district from 2014-17. Read more about the guest columnist position here.

In this critique, Jolly is writing about a PolitiFact New York fact-check of a claim made by Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., which you can read here ...

Guest column: Trump uses falsehood to make policy case for arming school staff

Editor's note: David Jolly is PolitiFact's Republican guest columnist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Florida's 13th congressional district from 2014-17. Read more about the guest columnist position here.

In this critique, Jolly is writing about a fact-check of a claim made by President Donald Trump about the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, which you can read ...

Guest column: What to do when facts don't tell the entire story

Editor's note: Jason Altmire is PolitiFact's Democratic guest columnist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district from 2007-13. Read more about the guest columnist position here.

In this critique, Altmire is writing about a fact-check of a claim made by Texas state Rep. Jason Isaac, which you can read here. His post ...

Guest column: Fact-check on increase of mass shootings shows difficulty of parsing statistics

Editor's note: David Jolly is PolitiFact's Republican guest columnist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Florida's 13th congressional district from 2014-17. Read more about the guest columnist position here.

In his first critique, Jolly is writing about a fact-check of a claim about an assault weapons ban made by Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch, which you can read ...

PolitiFact is hiring a 1 year audience engagement fellow

PolitiFact is looking for an energetic evangelist for the truth to help build our online audience by reaching new people in new places. PolitiFact spent much of 2017 expanding outside the beltway and beyond the eastern time zone to help voters across America separate fact from fiction.

In 2018, we want to double down on that mission -- to grow readership ...

PolitiFact is hiring a fact-checker to focus on media pundits

PolitiFact is hiring a fact-checker to scrutinize television and radio personalities, media columnists and popular Internet bloggers. We’re looking for a digitally savvy, details-first truth seeker with a thick skin who can be an independent voice for our readers and American voters.

The job is to lead our PunditFact project, which launched in 2013 to hold pundits and members of ...

Guest column: Half-truths and the difficulty of fact-checking statistics

Editor's note: Jason Altimire is PolitiFact's Democratic guest columnist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district from 2007-13. Read more about the guest columnist position here.

In his first critique, Altmire is writing about a fact-check of a claim made by Rep. Markwayne Mullin, which you can read here. His post has ...

PolitiFact names Democrat, Republican guest columnists

We’ve committed ourselves for the past year to a series of experiments to try and improve trust and credibility in fact-checking.

We’ve fanned out to new states and met with voters, and launched new fact-checking partnerships in Oklahoma, Alabama and West Virginia. We developed a new app, PolitiTruth, that tests people’s knowledge of the facts.  

As part of that ...

PolitiFact Ohio back for 2018!

We’re excited to announce that starting today, PolitiFact Ohio is back in business. (Sorry, Ohio politicians.)

We’ll be fact-checking the key races in the state, including the open contest to replace Gov. John Kasich and the U.S. Senate election. Our first fact-check is a claim by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican running for lieutenant governor.

Husted ...

Careful, Alabama politicians: The Truth-O-Meter is listening

PolitiFact is collaborating with journalists to bring its Pulitzer Prize-winning, fact-checking services to Alabama, thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation.

PolitiFact applied for the grant in the wake of the 2017 presidential campaign, seeking to understand what audiences in primarily "red" cities thought of the state of objective news reporting, following the high-profile proliferation of "fake ...

PolitiFact contest rules


Promotion runs from July 17, 2018, at 12:15 AM ET and ends on July 27, 2018 at 11:45 PM ET. Entry into the Contest constitutes the entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these rules, terms and conditions. 


PolitiFact’s policy on political activity and our staff

At PolitiFact, our credibility rests on our ability to present the true facts, unaffected by any agenda or biases. As part of that effort, we avoid the public expression of political opinion and public involvement in the political process.

PolitiFact staffers don’t sign online petitions or post candidate yard signs. We don’t participate in political marches. We don’t make political ...

PolitiFact now a verified signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network

As part of our ongoing efforts to champion the values of accuracy, transparency and fairness, PolitiFact is now a verified signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network’s code of principles.

The principles are aimed at defining common attributes for excellence in fact-checking around the world.

Here are the network’s five principles and a brief explanation of how PolitiFact adheres to each ...

PolitiFact's Louis Jacobson wins SABEW award for 2016 campaign reporting

The Society of American Business Editors and Writers has honored PolitiFact senior correspondent Louis Jacobson for a series of stories on the 2016 campaign.

Jacobson, 46, won for economics coverage in the small staff category of SABEW's annual Best in Business competition. (SABEW defines small staff as fewer than 50 and PolitiFact has 10.) His entries focused on the minimum ...

PolitiFact is looking for a reporter

Editor's note, April 25, 2017: We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Keep an eye on our blog for future openings. 

Do you think words matter? Are you savvy when it comes to sorting out real facts from the alternative ones? Are you independent enough to call out anyone, anywhere, who distorts the truth?

If so, you ...

Archived version: Who pays for PolitiFact

For the most recent information on PolitiFact's funding, click here.

About the Tampa Bay Times history and ownership

Last updated Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017

As we've gained new readers over the years, every now and then we get emails that ask, "Who's paying for this website? Who's putting out this information?"

The short answer: PolitiFact is a project of ...

Let’s fight back against fake news

There’s an interesting discussion happening now about the spread of fake news on the Internet and what companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, among others, should do to stop it.

That’s a healthy conversation to have, and one we hope continues in the weeks and months ahead.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something now. Here at PolitiFact, we’re ...

We’ve hired our immigration fact-checker!

Good news PolitiFact supporters! We’ve hired our immigration fact-checker. Miriam Valverde started with us last week, and as one of her first assignments, we asked her to introduce yourself to you.

Miriam is hitting the ground running taking a look at the immigration proposals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and we expect that you’ll start seeing her work on ...

Come work for PolitiFact: We're hiring an immigration fact-checker

Come work for PolitiFact!

We’re hiring a fact-checker to focus on immigration issues for the rest of the 2016 campaign. We’re looking for someone who has political or policy reporting experience, loves research and isn’t afraid to call a claim True, False or Pants on Fire, based on what they find.

If you’ve reported on immigration and have a deep ...

PolitiFact names executive director

We're a bit late announcing this news, but I wanted to make everyone aware of some exciting staffing changes at PolitiFact.

Aaron Sharockman, who has been editing PunditFact, is PolitiFact's first executive director. Aaron will oversee PolitiFact’s operations, development and revenue, assist in our journalistic mission, manage our state partnerships and lead efforts to develop new products for PolitiFact users ...

PolitiFact is looking for a reporter for 2016

PolitiFact, the national political fact-checking website, is looking for a reporter to help cover the 2016 presidential race, reporting and writing fact-checks of candidates, super PACs, pundits and other political players.

We’re looking for reporters with experience covering day-to-day politics and who can also handle a deep dive into policy. You’ll need the skills to synthesize research reports and a ...

PolitiFact is looking for new state partners for 2016

PolitiFact, which has affiliates in 10 current states, is looking to partner with news organizations to expand its reach ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

If your news organization is interested in becoming part of the PolitiFact family, email me at [email protected].com. I'll also be attending the Online News Association conference in Los Angeles and would love to ...

PolitiFact announces partnership with New Hampshire's Concord Monitor

PolitiFact New Hampshire welcomes the Concord Monitor as its new partner in fact-checking Granite State politics and the 2016 presidential primary.

Editors and reporters at the Monitor will run the site, publishing fact-checks and rulings on statements made by New Hampshire lawmakers, state officials and advocacy groups.

Together, the Monitor and PolitiFact will fact-check presidential candidates campaigning in New Hampshire in ...

A new look for PolitiFact

Coming soon, you’ll notice a new look at PolitiFact. Our site will work better on tablets and smart phones, so you can easily read our fact-checks when you’re on the go. The design will offer you a fresh new interface with simplified pages and larger fonts. And it will be easier to share our fact-checks on Facebook, Twitter and Google ...

Get the PolitiFact app, now optimized for iOs 7

Need the Truth when you’re on the go? Our PolitiFact Mobile app is now optimized for the new iOs 7 on your iPhone or iPad. It's also available for Android and Playbook. 

Our full-featured app offers you our latest national Truth-O-Meter rulings, the Obameter campaign promises tracker, and our analytical stories. Wired magazine chose PolitiFact Mobile as one of its ...

Aaron Sharockman named PunditFact Editor needs an editor as cool as the idea and that’s Aaron Sharockman.

Aaron will be the PunditFact editor, charting a course for the new website while supervising a staff of two reporters and writing his own items.

With spot-on political instinct and a natural TV personality, Aaron is the right person to launch this unique effort to hold accountable ...

New fact-checking study looks at local officials' reactions to fact-checks

More fact-checking -- especially at the state and local level -- could make politicians think twice before they decide to stretch the truth. That’s the interesting implication of a new study that looked how state legislators reacted to fact-checking efforts.

"The Effect of Fact-checking on Elites: A field experiment on U.S. state legislators" was conducted by Brendan Nyhan, an assistant professor ...

Angie Holan named PolitiFact Editor; Lou Jacobson named Deputy PolitiFact Editor

PolitiFact is growing by leaps and bounds and it needs a strong leader to take the helm as editor.

That leader is Angie Holan. Effective immediately, she is the PolitiFact Editor.

Angie is the heart and soul of our fact-checking venture, starting as a researcher in 2007, rising to reporter, becoming a leading expert on the health care law, taking ...

Responding to a George Mason University press release about our work

We’ve gotten questions this week from media reporters about a study from George Mason University on our work. Their press release claims that PolitiFact found that Republicans "lie more" than Democrats.

Actually, PolitiFact rates the factual accuracy of specific claims; we do not seek to measure which party tells more falsehoods.

The authors of the press release seem to have ...

PolitiFact wins Green Eyeshade Award for public service in online journalism

PolitiFact, the national politics fact-checking website of the Tampa Bay Times, has won a first place Green Eyeshade Awards in the category public service in online journalism.

The contest, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and now in its 63rd year, recognizes the best journalism in the southeastern United States. 

PolitiFact won for its fact-checking reports of the ...

Editor Bill Adair to leave PolitiFact

This summer we say goodbye to Bill Adair, founding editor of PolitiFact.

Adair, who helped create the Tampa Bay Times' prize-winning fact-checking site, will join Duke University as the Knight Professor of the Practice of Journalism and Public Policy, Times Editor Neil Brown announced Thursday.

A national search for the next PolitiFact editor will begin soon, Brown said. Adair ...

The Lie of the Year, still

A number of readers emailed us this week about news reports that Chrysler is moving forward with a partnership in China to produce Jeeps. They wondered: Doesn’t that disprove our Lie of the Year -- that Mitt Romney said Barack Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" at the cost of American jobs?

No, it ...

Deleting duplication on the Obameter

As we continue wrapping up our work on the 2008 Obameter promises, we found a duplication.

President Barack Obama’s promise to "restore 24-month limit on cumulative Guard and Reserve deployment time" is contained within another of his promises: to "limit Guard and Reserve deployments to one year for every six years."

We’re deleting the first promise on guard deployments ...

PolitiFact honored with Vigilance in Journalism award

PolitiFact has been award the 2012 Irene Miller Award for Vigilance in Journalism by the Pinellas County, Fla., chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

The Irene Miller award is given annually to "members of the media profession who have exemplified consistent dedication to the highest principles of freedom of the press and responsibility to  the necessity of ...

Some GOP health care pledges moot; we delete them

As we finish rating the 2010 campaign promises made by House Republicans on our GOP Pledge-O-Meter, we’ve determined that a few of them don’t fall anywhere along our scale of Promise Broken to Promise Kept.

Some health care pledges made by Republicans were conditional upon repealing the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. House GOP members opposed the law ...

Daily Disclosure tracks campaign ads

We are getting help with our coverage of campaign ads from the Center for Public Integrity's Daily Disclosure, a digest of new ads that appears on CPI's iWatch news every morning.

Every morning, staffers at the center comb through Federal Election Commission reports, news releases and Youtube postings to find where the money is going and see the latest ads ...

Tracking our corrections and updates

We've created a new page so you can see Truth-O-Meter items that have a correction or update. The page will include articles or Truth-O-Meter fact-checks that have:

  • Corrections that were significant enough to change a Truth-O-Meter ruling
  • Corrections that did not require changing a ruling
  • Updates that provide additional information after the item was initially published

Here is our correction ...

'There's a fair chance PolitiFact spoke to other experts' -- yes, 13 others

We've gotten some criticism today about the Pants on Fire we gave to Mitt Romney for his claim that the size of the U.S. Navy and Air Force shows the United States is at risk of losing its "military superiority."

Tom Bruscino, one of the experts we consulted, wrote in a blog post that he thought it merited ...

Who pays for PolitiFact?

(Last updated: January 2019)

PolitiFact is a nonpartisan fact-checking website to sort out the truth in American politics. PolitiFact was created by the Tampa Bay Times, a Florida newspaper, in 2007. In 2018, PolitiFact was acquired by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit school for journalists.

You can view The Poynter Institute’s most-recent public financial disclosure form 990 here.

While PolitiFact relies ...

Help us improve the PolitiFact apps!

If you have a suggestion or a problem with PolitiFact Mobile or Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender, we want to hear from you.

Please email us at [email protected] and tell us about your suggestion or problem.

Coverage of PolitiFact

Highlights from press coverage of PolitiFact

An overview of PolitiFact

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, Q&A with PolitiFact Editor Bill Adair, Aug. 18, 2011

PolitiFact in the States

American  Journalism Review, the Fact-Checking Explosion, December 2010 / January 2011
Poynter Online, Q&A on PolitiFact state partnerships, May 6, 2010
American Journalism Review, Facing the Truth-O-Meter: PolitiFact"s new ...

Fact-checking claims about the health care law

Claims about health care have kept the Truth-O-Meter busy. You can browse our coverage on our health care page.

A few changes to PolitiFact's Top Promises

When we unveiled our Obameter -- an unprecedented collection of the president's campaign promises -- it had more than 500. Several readers told us they wanted a way to highlight the truly important ones.

So we came up with PolitiFact's Top Promises, which started as a group of 10 campaign promises that the editors and reporters of PolitiFact deemed most significant. Soon ...

The GOP Pledge-O-Meter

How the GOP Pledge-O-Meter works

The GOP Pledge-O-Meter keeps track of the promises that Republican leaders made during the 2010 campaign. The Pledge-O-Meter, like the Obameter, has six levels. The first three provide a broad picture of whether the GOP leaders are making progress; the final three indicate whether they kept the promise:

Not Yet Rated — Every promise begins ...

Definitions of Truth-O-Meter rulings

The definitions of our Truth-O-Meter rulings:

TRUE – The statement is accurate and there"s nothing significant missing.

MOSTLY TRUE – The statement is accurate but needs clarification or additional information.

HALF TRUE – The statement is accurate but leaves out important details or takes things out of context.

BARELY TRUE – The statement contains some element of truth but ignores ...

We've added a new promise to the Obameter

We've added a new promise to the Obameter.

On the campaign trail, President Barack Obama said he would give car manufacturers about $50 billion to upgrade their facilities to make fuel efficient cars. Up until now, we included that pledge as part of Promise No. 449, to increase vehicle efficiency by 4 percent annually.

The Obama administration put that ...

A little more on the Iraq war

Last week, we fact-checked a statement about how long the Iraq war has lasted. Newsman Bob Schieffer said it has been our longest war, but we found that is not the case. We rated his statement False. We found that the Revolutionary War, the Vietnam war and the Afghanistan war all lasted longer.

An astute reader on Facebook noted that ...

Health care reform links discussed on RadioWest

Staff reporter Angie Drobnic Holan discussed health care reform on the RadioWest show on March 15, 2010.

Here's a list of links to some of the stories talked about on the show.

Health care reform, a simple explanation: We explain the basics of the latest health care reform plan.

GOP health care reform, a simple explanation: We ...

As seen on TV! Get your Obameter cards!

If you like the Obameter, you can play along at home with a deck of our Obameter cards, manufactured by our friends at U.S. Games.

The 500-card deck is great for classroom projects and for PolitiFact charades (imagine the fun acting out Promise No. 313, "Allow bankruptcy judge to modify terms of a home mortgage"!

You can get them ...

More changes to the Obameter list

We've made a few more changes to our Obameter data base:

We're deleting these promises:

* No. 190: Improve domestic intelligence gathering between federal and local emergency responder, because it was a near duplicate of No. 490: Seek more information sharing on security between feds and localities, a promise we currently have rated as In the Works.

* No. 367 ...

The difference between Stalled and Promise Broken

We've been publishing lots of updates to our Obameter database of campaign promises and have been getting some questions about our rating system -- particularly how we distinguish between a Stalled and a Promise Broken. So we thought it would be helpful to explain our ratings.

First, we should emphasize that because the Obameter is our creation, we've had to develop ...

Two more changes to our database

As we check the status of President Barack Obama's campaign promises, we continue to find a few in our Obameter database that are no longer relevant because they were fulfilled before Obama became president.

That's the case with No. 302, creating loan-forgiveness programs for law students who become public defenders, and for No. 210, on corruption reports from ...

We've deleted No. 183 on reviewing homeland security

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised that his administration "will have the Department of Homeland Security complete a quadrennial review the same way the Pentagon does every four years. The review will be a comprehensive examination of the national homeland defense strategy, interagency cooperation, preparedness of federal response assets, infrastructure, budget plan, and other elements of the homeland defense ...

We've deleted Promise 228 on lead-free toys

When we researched Promise No. 228 -- President Obama's vow to sign the Lead-Free Toys Act -- we discovered that President George W. Bush beat him to the punch.

The act was folded in to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The bill passed the House on July 30, 2008, by a vote of 424-1 and passed the Senate ...

We're deleting Promise No. 9 on trade policy

We're deleting Promise No. 9, which President Obama would "use trade agreements to spread good labor and environmental standards around the world and stand firm against agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) that fail to live up to those important benchmarks."

In publishing an update on Promise No. 8 , we realized that 8 and 9 were ...

We're deleting Promise No. 147

When we looked into Promise No. 147, to expand how the Family and Medical Leave Act is applied to members of the military, we were surprised to learn that the promise had been fulfilled ... by President George W. Bush. (We suspect it's because the promise was made early in the presidential campaign, in 2007.) Obama also signed additional changes ...

We've deleted Promise No. 29 on financial regulation

We've decided to delete a promise on financial regulation.

Given this week's economic news, we decided to check Obama's promise to investigate potential conflicts of interest between credit ratings agencies and financial institutions. The promise was No. 29, "Investigate potential conflict of interest between credit ratings agencies and financial institutions." Obama's campaign literature said that "Barack ...

Editor & Publisher names us to its list of "10 That Do It Right"

We're honored to make a new Top 10 list. This one comes from Editor & Publisher , the journal of the newspaper business, which named PolitiFact / the St. Petersburg Times in its list of "10 That Do It Right."

Here's what E&P said:

"While fellow '10' honoree Star Tribune used the Web to open the ballot-counting process for all ...

The truth on the health care distortions

Wondering about the latest claim in the war of words in health care? If you don't see it on our home page, check our health page, where we've compiled all our health care items.

You can also use the search box in the upper right corner of every PolitiFact page.

If you still can't find it, e-mail ...

Reason magazine uses Obameter to analyze Obama

When we started tracking President Barack Obama's campaign promises, we hoped the ratings would provoke some interesting commentary. So we're intrigued by a new analysis from the Reason magazine blog .

Reason looked our ratings of Promises Kept and Promises Broken and judged which promises expanded government power and which reduced government power.

Reason editor Radley Balko wrote: "By ...

We've decided to delete a duplicate promise on the Fair Pay Act

A sharp-eyed reader alerted us that Promise No. 413 is essentially the same promise as No. 411. Both have to do with helping women and minorities sue their employers for pay discrimination.

Promise No. 413 states: "Pass the Fair Pay Act: Obama will also pass the Fair Pay Act to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work."

In ...

Obama sings backup on new PolitiFact song

Forgive our bias on this one, but we've done some research on the new version of the PolitiFact song Gimme the Truth and have made this factual determination:
It rocks.
In fact, it totally rocks. Listen to it from the player on our home page, or better yet, download the song here (for free!) and import it ...

Reactions to our Pulitzer

We've seen some nice commentary on our Pulitzer Prize. The NYT's Aron Pilhofer called it "a watershed moment in journalism ." In Columbia Journalism Review, Megan Garber explores whether PolitiFact is a new species of journalism or just a new twist on an old breed.

In the blog for PBS's MediaShift Idea Lab, Rich Gordon writes that "Twenty ...

We've updated our item on the "light switch tax"

We've posted an update to our ruling from March 30 on the Republicans' claim that a cap and trade program would cost each family $3,128 per year. In the update, we note that an MIT professor has corrected a number in his calculations but our ruling on the original statement remains Pants on Fire.

We'll be on Twitter for Obama's press conference

Tonight, PolitiFact Editor Bill Adair will be tweeting some reactions as President Obama conducts a prime-time press conference marking the first 100 days of his presidency. Follow the PolitiFact twitter feed and join in the conversation at 8 p.m. EST!

Join the NewsHunt and rate PolitiFact

This week, PolitiFact and the social news site NewsTrust are joining forces to help you find the best news coverage of President Obama's first 100 days in office, in collaboration with students at the University of Nevada at Reno. We invite you to take part in our latest "news hunt," which runs from Monday April 27 to Friday May ...

Announcing PolitiFact's '500 Promises' cards

Just in time for President Obama's 100th day in office, we've partnered with U.S. Games Systems to create President Obama's 500 Promises, a big deck of cards of his campaign promises.

They're available on Amazon , Barnes & Noble , or from retailers around the nation.

They're fun, they give you a chance to see the ...

Special 100-day coverage

We've created a special page to help you assess President Barack Obama's first 100 days.

The page includes a new chart showing how Obama and others in his administration have fared against the Truth-O-Meter, plus another graphic that tallies our Obameter ratings on his Top 25 promises. (You can continue to get the overall count on all 514 ...

Q&A about the Obameter

PolitiFact Editor Bill Adair recently spoke with the Columbia Journalism Review about how we developed the Obameter and track President Obama's campaign promises.

Bill talked about our reporting process, what the Obameter tells us about the success of a presidency, and PolitiFact's founding principles of common sense and reasonableness. Read the entire interview here .

Columbia Journalism Review covers ...

Free widgets!

PolitiFact offers free widgets that you can put on your blog or home page. We have two -- the Classic version, which shows our latest Truth-O-Meter items, and a new one that shows the latest Obameter items we've rated.

They fit on most blogs and home pages and automatically update to show our latest items.

Click here to find how ...

Why we haven't checked Bush's promises

Well, judging from our record-shattering traffic, the Obameter is off to a great start. Many of you have asked if we will do a similar examination of President Bush's promises.

Unfortunately, we don't have plans to do so. Here's why:

With a very limited staff, we have to deploy our resources wisely. We know that the Obameter ...

We've decided to delete Promise No. 13 on capital gains

We heard from many of you about our rating on a campaign promise on capital gains taxes. It was Promise No. 13 and it was our second Promise Kept rating for Obama.

The rating was unusual because Congress actually passed it before he was elected. Our reasoning was that as the nominee of the Democratic Party at the time, he ...

The Google truck has arrived!

It looks like the Google truck has finally been to our neighborhood!

Google has indexed our Obameter items -- or at least the ones we've tested -- so if you use the search box on the upper right, the results should include items from our campaign promise database.

Google may not have fully indexed every item yet, but we're hoping ...

Waiting for the Google truck

We've gotten some great feedback about the launch of our Obameter in the past few days, but we've also heard from many readers who've had difficulty finding specific promises in our big database.

The problem is that our Obameter database has not yet been fully indexed by Google, which provides the "Search PolitiFact" function on the site ...

About our Obameter rulings

To create our list of promises, our staffers pored through hundreds of pages of Obama's speeches, TV appearances, position papers and his campaign Web site. Ultimately, we identified more than 500 on everything from ending the Iraq war to buying his daughters a puppy.

To make sure we selected promises that could be measured, we set some definitions. We ...