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This week, PolitiFact and the social news site NewsTrust are joining forces to help you find the best news coverage of President Obama's first 100 days in office, in collaboration with students at the University of Nevada at Reno. We invite you to take part in our latest "news hunt," which runs from Monday April 27 to Friday May 1.

NewsTrust helps people find good journalism so they can make more informed decisions as citizens. The nonprofit news network features a daily feed of news and opinions from mainstream and independent sources from across the political spectrum, based on ratings from its reviewers, which include experienced journalists and anyone else who wants to review a story. So this is your chance to rate our stories and tell us what you like and what you don't.

For this Obama News Hunt, NewsTrust members, PolitiFact readers and UNR students will review news and opinions about the Obama administration's first 100 days in office. How have the news media covered President Obama's performance so far? Which promises do they think he's delivered on? Which has he neglected? Has the press found statements from the Obama administration to be true or false? Which Obama policies seem most likely to be carried out in coming months?

Can you help us pick the best news stories on Obama's First 100 Days? To get started, we invite you to sign up on NewsTrust's special welcome page for PolitiFact readers. This will let you review stories on NewsTrust and get the full benefit of the free public service.

This News Hunt will be highlighting our coverage of Obama's first 100 days, which you can find on our 100 Day Report .