Inside the Meter

Why we haven't checked Bush's promises

Well, judging from our record-shattering traffic, the Obameter is off to a great start. Many of you have asked if we will do a similar examination of President Bush's promises.

Unfortunately, we don't have plans to do so. Here's why:

With a very limited staff, we have to deploy our resources wisely. We know that the Obameter will have great value over the long-term because of the tremendous interest in the new presidency (and not just because of Obama; we had planned to do the same thing if McCain won).

Over the coming months, Americans will be curious how Obama is faring with his agenda. They can find out by checking our Obameter, which will provide an up-to-the-minute report card. We hope you will keep you coming back to the site to see how the report card has changed.

A Bush report card (Bush-O-Meter?) would have a great one-time value and some good historical value. I wish we could do it. But it would not have nearly as much long-term value as checking the current president.

We have to deploy our resources wisely so we can continue to do ground-breaking journalism. And we're not only producing new Obameter items every day, we're also producing Truth-O-Meter items on members of Congress and others in Washington. So for now, that means we'll be focusing on Obama and the new Congress.