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Obama sings backup on new PolitiFact song

Forgive our bias on this one, but we've done some research on the new version of the PolitiFact song Gimme the Truth and have made this factual determination:
It rocks.
In fact, it totally rocks. Listen to it from the player on our home page, or better yet, download the song here (for free!) and import it into your iPod, and you'll see we're right.
Like any good rock and roll song, it's about lies, deceit . . . and tax policy. And how many songs do you know that have great guitar licks -- and mention the economic stimulus bill?

Click the play button above to hear it. Or, to download it for free, click here .

You'll hear a familiar voice on backup vocals: President Barack Obama, recorded at a little place on Capitol Hill. (Okay, he didn't actually record it for us  – the lines are from his speech to a joint session of Congress – but you'll hear lots of checkable facts!)
Gimme the Truth 2 is the newest version of the PolitiFact song we used when we launched the site in 2007. It was written by our former colleague Chris Ave, who somehow manages to be both a talented editor and a talented songwriter. He's even started a business on the side to write theme songs called Music for Media Productions .
Chris wrote and recorded a demo of Gimme the Truth shortly after we launched PolitiFact in the late summer of 2007. Ryan Shields, a St. Petersburg, Fla., singer and producer, then recorded a full studio version, with his sister Teresa on lead vocals.
Ryan, who plays a regular Thursday night gig at the Chattaway in St. Pete, has a new album called The Light Between Last Night and Tomorrow , (available on iTunes !), returned to produce the new version. He also played the fierce guitar at the beginning. Teresa again sang lead.
The PolitiFact House Band also includes Eric Deggans on drums and bass and Tony Green on keyboards. The song was engineered by Stephen Bowman.

We're hoping to get the band together some time soon for a live performance. In the meantime, enjoy the song, share it with your friends, and if you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:
Gimme the Truth 2

I need to know just what is meant
By the folks in government
Won't you tell me what to believe
When I hear them telling me:

"I am the best, I am so great"
Show me how they really rate
Cause I need to know who is a hack
Won't you tell me PolitiFact?

Gimme the Truth
Show me who lies
Cause you can see it in my eyes
I need some proof
To help me divine facts that are hidden from sunshine

Gimme The Truth (3X)

I get upset, I get so blue
When I don't know what is true
How do they spend, all of my cash?
It's all gone in just a flash

When they proclaim they're on my side
Tell me is it just a lie?
Cause I need to know who is a hack
Won't you tell me PolitiFact (PolitiFact…PolitiFact)