Inside the Meter

Reason magazine uses Obameter to analyze Obama

When we started tracking President Barack Obama's campaign promises, we hoped the ratings would provoke some interesting commentary. So we're intrigued by a new analysis from the Reason magazine blog .

Reason looked our ratings of Promises Kept and Promises Broken and judged which promises expanded government power and which reduced government power.

Reason editor Radley Balko wrote: "By my count (and some of this is certainly subjective) of the of the 31 promises the site says Obama has kept thus far, 20 in some way grow or expand the federal government. Just six make the government smaller, more transparent, or more accountable. The remaining five have no effect, or amount to a wash."

We're not specifically endorsing Balko's take here, but it's definitely the kind of new analysis we hoped people would be able to take from the Obameter.

Read Reason's blog post .