Inside the Meter

We've added a new promise to the Obameter

We've added a new promise to the Obameter.

On the campaign trail, President Barack Obama said he would give car manufacturers about $50 billion to upgrade their facilities to make fuel efficient cars. Up until now, we included that pledge as part of Promise No. 449, to increase vehicle efficiency by 4 percent annually.

The Obama administration put that mandate on the books on April 1, 2010, so we moved it to a Promise Kept. But given that the second part of his promise, to invest in manufacturing, isn't entirely related to his pledge to increase fuel efficiency, we decided to split the two items.

So, where does Obama's promise to give auto manufacturers $50 billion to retool their manufacturing facilities to make fuel efficient cars stand? We're looking into it and will have an update posted as soon as we find out. The new promise is No. 523, "Invest $50 billion in auto manufacturing facilities for fuel efficient vehicles."