Inside the Meter

The GOP Pledge-O-Meter

How the GOP Pledge-O-Meter works

The GOP Pledge-O-Meter keeps track of the promises that Republican leaders made during the 2010 campaign. The Pledge-O-Meter, like the Obameter, has six levels. The first three provide a broad picture of whether the GOP leaders are making progress; the final three indicate whether they kept the promise:

Not Yet Rated — Every promise begins at this level and retains this rating
until we see evidence of progress — or evidence that the promise has

In the Works — This is our broad category to indicate the promise has been
proposed or is being considered.

Stalled — There is no movement on the promise, perhaps because of
limitations on money, opposition from lawmakers or a shift in priorities.

Promise Broken  – The promise has not been fulfilled. This could occur
because of inaction by the other chamber or lack of support from the president.

Compromise  — Promises will earn this rating when they accomplish
substantially less than the original statement but when there is still
a significant accomplishment that is consistent with the goal of his
original promise.

Promise Kept — They’ll earn this rating when the original promise is mostly
or completely fulfilled.