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Get the PolitiFact app, now optimized for iOs 7

Need the Truth when you’re on the go? Our PolitiFact Mobile app is now optimized for the new iOs 7 on your iPhone or iPad. It's also available for Android and Playbook. 

Our full-featured app offers you our latest national Truth-O-Meter rulings, the Obameter campaign promises tracker, and our analytical stories. Wired magazine chose PolitiFact Mobile as one of its "essential tools" for 2012.

It's the only place you'll find the Truth Index, a running average of our Truth-O-Meter rulings, calculated daily based on the previous 7 days. Is the truth in decline or on the upswing? The Truth Index will let you know.

As a bonus, it includes the PolitiFact "Pants on Fire" button, to amuse yourself and your friends. Punch it when you hear a fib; it sounds the alarm!

Best of all, our app is available for the low, low price of $1.99. Buy it today!

If you just want to check our archive or settle an argument, try our free Settle It! app.

Settle It! includes a powerful search engine that lets you search our entire database of PolitiFact rulings for the exact fact you’re seeking.

The Settle It! app includes the PolitiFact Challenge, a fun test-your-knowledge game that asks you to guess the Truth-O-Meter rulings on the latest political statements. Depending on your score, you’ll rise to the level of Intern, Aide, Lobbyist, Pundit or Wonk. A new quiz is released every Monday.

Whether you pick the Settle It! app or the original PolitiFact Mobile app, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for these apps and others we might create in the future. Send your comments to [email protected].