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PolitiFact is looking for a reporter for 2016

PolitiFact, the national political fact-checking website, is looking for a reporter to help cover the 2016 presidential race, reporting and writing fact-checks of candidates, super PACs, pundits and other political players.

We’re looking for reporters with experience covering day-to-day politics and who can also handle a deep dive into policy. You’ll need the skills to synthesize research reports and a standard for thoroughness to make it through the footnotes. You’ll need the tenacity to ferret out the nation’s leading experts on a wide array of general and obscure topics. And you’ll need the willingness to challenge your own preconceptions and stay open-minded.

You must be able to write conversationally, without errors of grammar or style. The work is web first and competitive -- so you must hustle -- but never at the expense of accuracy.

PolitiFact is at the vanguard of the fact-checking movement in American political journalism, and we hold the powerful accountable on a daily basis. We won the Pulitzer Prize for our fact-checking of the 2008 campaign. Our home newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times, is widely regarded among the best in the nation, known for high-impact, high-quality journalism.

This is a contract position for the 2016 election, with terms and details to be negotiated. To apply, send a resume, cover letter and three clips to PolitiFact Editor Angie Holan with the subject PolitiFact Reporter Job. Please mention it if you speak Spanish fluently, can edit video, have mad social media skills or do Web development for Django.