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PolitiFact is looking for new state partners for 2016

PolitiFact, which has affiliates in 10 current states, is looking to partner with news organizations to expand its reach ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

If your news organization is interested in becoming part of the PolitiFact family, email me at [email protected] I'll also be attending the Online News Association conference in Los Angeles and would love to meet with anyone who wants to learn more about PolitiFact and becoming a state partner. 

Founded in 2007, PolitiFact has published more than 11,000 fact-checks and has launched fact-checking partnerships with newsrooms across the country and world. PolitiFact won the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 2008 presidential election.

The fact-checking website has become a go-to source for local newspaper, television and radio to help readers, viewers and listeners separate fact from fiction. Besides fact-checking politicians’ claims, the website is tracking nearly 1,000 campaign promises made by local, state and national officials.

PolitiFact is a division of the Tampa Bay Times, Florida's largest newspaper, and is independently owned by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit school for journalists in St. Petersburg, Fla.