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We’ve hired our immigration fact-checker!

Good news PolitiFact supporters! We’ve hired our immigration fact-checker. Miriam Valverde started with us last week, and as one of her first assignments, we asked her to introduce yourself to you.

Miriam is hitting the ground running taking a look at the immigration proposals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and we expect that you’ll start seeing her work on PolitiFact soon.

-- The PolitiFact staff


My name is Miriam Valverde and I’m grateful for the opportunity to join PolitiFact to fact-check immigration claims made this presidential election season.

I’m also grateful for your support to make funding this position possible. I hope to make the most of it.

Immigration is one of the most controversial issues being discussed this election cycle -- including ways to improve border security, who should be allowed into the country and comprehensive immigration reform. Much is at stake. It’s a topic that affects millions of Americans and those who seek inclusion into the American way of life.

To sway voters, candidates are touring the nation espousing their views on immigration and outlining plans to deal with this matter. It would be to the public’s disadvantage not to call out candidates who are spreading falsehoods about a topic that impacts their daily lives. By the same token, it’s important to corroborate statements that can help advance the immigration debate.

A well-informed citizenry is most likely to cast a vote with confidence, a vote that will impact generations to come. That’s a top reason why I wanted to join PolitiFact, because I believe it’s crucial to help our community go to the polls knowing all the facts, informed about the accurate and inaccurate things candidates have said to gain their support. No matter who the public votes for, it’s important that they do so proudly and without deception.

I’m excited to be part of a team committed to spotlighting the truth. I hope to deliver timely and useful fact-checks that will provide a better understand of the candidates, their goals and proposals. I’d like to concisely shed light on the complexity of immigration policies as well as characteristics of the immigrant population. I’d like to find the truth in what presidential candidates are saying about loopholes, data and trends in immigration.

Immigration is part of American history and something that continues to shape the nation. It’s an issue that has economic, social, academic and cultural implications. I’ve experienced it first hand.

I’m originally from Nicaragua but grew up in Miami, surrounded by people from all over Latin America and the world. This upbringing allowed me to learn from others different traditions, cultures, idioms and values. Yet, I also noticed commonalities shared by all: challenges adjusting to a new country and a strong desire to prosper and build better lives.

I’ve reported on immigration, politics and business for publications in Massachusetts and Florida and am happy to now be part of the PolitiFact team.

Thank you for the opportunity to help dig the truth in immigration, a pressing topic that affects all.

If you have an idea for a fact-check, or are curious about a particular claim or statistic, email me at [email protected] I’d love to hear from you.