Inside the Meter

PolitiFact’s policy on political activity and our staff

At PolitiFact, our credibility rests on our ability to present the true facts, unaffected by any agenda or biases. As part of that effort, we avoid the public expression of political opinion and public involvement in the political process.

PolitiFact staffers don’t sign online petitions or post candidate yard signs. We don’t participate in political marches. We don’t make political contributions or work on campaigns.

We don’t lay out our personal political views on social media. We do share news stories and other journalism (especially our colleagues’ work), but we take care not to be seen as endorsing or opposing a political figure or position. We avoid snarky commentary.

These restrictions apply to both full-time staffers, correspondents and interns. We avoid doing anything that compromises PolitiFact, or our ability to do our jobs.

We may participate in the political process as voters, because we have responsibilities as individual citizens of the United States. But we keep our votes to ourselves, and we remain open-minded in all of our work.

It’s important that readers know they can rely on us as independent fact-checkers. Our allegiance is not to any political party or point of view, but to getting our readers the truth.

We recognize that much of the current public debate centers on subjects near and dear to us, including the veracity of the media and presenting the public with real facts. We support good journalism and the First Amendment; we spread accurate reporting; and we correct misinformation. But we do so without expressing our political opinions. We want our readers to have confidence that our findings are based on an even-handed, thorough and independent review of the facts.