Inside the Meter

Statement on The Guardian story of Dec. 13, 2018, about fact-checking and Facebook

A recent story in the Guardian claimed that Facebook pushed reporters to prioritize the debunking of misinformation that affected Facebook advertisers.

That has never happened in our experience. As with all our work, we decide what to fact-check and arrive at our conclusions without input from Facebook or any third party. Any claim suggesting otherwise is misinformed and baseless.

We continue to think Facebook can do more to be transparent about the effectiveness and scope of its third-party fact-checking program, and have said so.  And we will continue to work with Facebook in 2019 to try to improve the quality of information shared online.

Angie Drobnic Holan, editor, and Aaron Sharockman, executive director, PolitiFact (USA)

Eugene Kiely, director, (USA)

Cristina Tardáguila, founder and director, Agência Lupa (Brazil)

Gülin ÇavuĊŸ, editor-in-chief, and Mehmet Atakan Foça, founder, (Turkey)

Daniel Moreno, director of Animal Político (Mexico)