Aaron Sharockman is the executive director of PolitiFact, the largest fact-checking organization in the United States. Aaron leads the growth and development of PolitiFact, manages its outreach and news partnerships, and oversees new initiatives and product development. Aaron has been with PolitiFact since 2010 and served most recently as the editor of PunditFact, a website dedicated to checking claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers and the hosts and guests of talk shows. Aaron was a 2016-17 Reynolds Fellow at the University of Missouri and taught a class on political fact-checking at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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Lie of the Year 2019: Readers' Choice Poll

PolitiFact will soon announce our Lie of the Year -- the most significant falsehood of 2019, as chosen by our editors and reporters. We're also inviting PolitiFact readers to vote for the Readers' Choice award. 

The State of PolitiFact in 2019: A report to our readers

PolitiFact started as a politics news website in 2007, but these days, it feels more like a mission.

PolitiFact Michigan partnership wins Report for America support

PolitiFact Michigan will launch next summer, thanks to an innovative partnership between PolitiFact and the Detroit Free Press supported by Report for America.

Fact-checking Trump’s falsehoods on Fox & Friends about Ukraine, impeachment and Mueller report

President Donald Trump repeated several falsehoods about Ukraine, Russia and the impeachment inquiry during an interview on Fox & Friends.

Who is Alexander Vindman? What to watch for in Tuesday impeachment testimony

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman managed Ukraine policy for the White House National Security Council. What he saw doesn't line up with the Republican version of events.

Triple your investment in PolitiFact and independent fact-checking today!

We’re excited to share an opportunity where today, through the end of the year, you can triple any donation you make to PolitiFact. We have once again been selected to participate in NewsMatch, a national matching-gift campaign that drives donations to nonprofit newsrooms (like us!) around the country. Thanks to NewsMatch and the support of other donors, if you donate to PolitiFact today, your support goes three times as far!

No, the New York Times has not admitted to peddling ‘fake news’ about most recent Kavanaugh claim

The conservative publication PJ Media says in a headline spreading virally on Facebook that the New York Times admitted a new allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh is "fake news," but that is misleading.

Sen. Ted Cruz targets PolitiFact; here's our response

Sen. Ted Cruz took a minute after the third Democratic debate to criticize PolitiFact on Twitter for our previous fact-checking of Cruz's 2018 attacks on Beto O’Rourke. We thought it important to address his criticism.

Can a nuclear bomb stop a hurricane? No, it’s a myth that has persisted for decades

A myth has persisted for decades that the United States could slow down hurricanes with nuclear bombs. President Donald Trump denied a report, based on anonymous sources, that he wanted to employ that strategy.

Celebrate with us. PolitiFact turns 12!

Twelve years ago, PolitiFact started as a one-of-a-kind idea that no one was sure would work. Full-time fact checkers covering the presidential election through an online, database-driven website.