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McCain's tax plan doesn't ignore middle class

Pants on Fire!

Ad distorts McCain's record on Violence Against Women Act

Half Flip

McCain neither endorsed nor condemned the bailout

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Obama's executive pay misfire

Obama takes a swing at McCain while attacking high executive pay. But he misses.

Eager to be ahead of the economy curve

Barack Obama wants voters to know he's been focused on economic woes all along, but he's taking credit for a plan that was mostly devised without him.

McCain's 'warning' on Fannie & Freddie

McCain spoke up after a widely read report drew attention to chicanery at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but it's a huge stretch to suggest he could have somehow averted the current crisis.

Obama's muddle about the middle

The Obama campaign is exaggerating with its claim that McCain's tax plan offers nothing for the middle class.

Immigration Rx or poison pill?

It's an issue the two candidates appear to agree on for the most part, but Obama and McCain have traded charges that the other sold out.

Mix 'n match creditors with causes

We take apart popular notions on foreign debt and oil imports. Economists say the relationship is complicated.

Escaping Bush's gravitational pull

An unpopular president and two candidates from the Senate create a host of strange-bedfellow problems in this presidential race.

Obama, McCain misfire on vets benefits

The Obama and McCain campaigns exchanged fire on veterans issues, and neither struck the truth.

Candidates get back to health

Sen. John McCain's new health care plan brings the issue back in focus for the presidential candidates. We check three new claims.

Obama's stretch on ethics reform

Obama claims he was the driving force on ethics reform. We find he was a player but not the quarterback.