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Mostly True

Specter raises the specter of undemocratic union elections


Legal nominee, mother of two, accused of being anti-motherhood


World's most powerful man touts the support of one of the world's richest

Full Flop

Dodd did a 180 on whether he wrote bonus loophole

Recent stories from Alexander Lane

Checking the pundits

We examine claims by pundits and talk show hosts and find Rachel Maddow was wrong about Sarah Palin, that George Washington didn't speak of God the way Rush Limbaugh claimed, and that George Will was right about troubled assets.

Distorting Geithner's comments about the dollar

A Minnesota congresswoman suggests incorrectly that the treasury secretary wants to dump the dollar.

'Light switch tax' isn't what Republicans claim

The Republicans contend Obama's cap-and-trade policy would impose a $3,128 tax per family. But it's not a tax and it wouldn't cost that much.

The kids are alright

Obama claims U.S. eighth graders are slipping at math. But we find they're actually improving.

McConnell's fuzzy math doesn't compute

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says the Democrats spent more in a month than the combined cost of Hurricane Katrina and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We crunch the numbers and find that's wrong.

High-speed train not a Mickey Mouse line

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal stretches the truth about a rail line that might get money from the stimulus.

Chain e-mails are back — and they're still wrong

Get ready to hit the Delete key. Chain e-mails are making a resurgence and landing in your inbox. We check two of them and find they're Pants on Fire wrong.

Is McCain within margin of error?

McCain claims he's "within the margin of error," but that's true only for the Fox poll.

Invoking the red menace

The McCain campaign went from tiptoeing around allegations that Obama is a socialist, to outright calling him one.

A radical Ayers allegation

The McCain campaign ratchets up its attempt to connect Barack Obama to former '60s radical William Ayers.