Amy Sherman is a staff writer with PolitiFact based in South Florida. She was part of the team that launched PolitiFact Florida in 2010 and was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2016 election. She previously worked as a staff writer for the Miami Herald and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. A native of Amherst, Mass., she graduated with a history degree from Macalester College in St. Paul.

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What do GOP efforts to undo Affordable Care Act mean for pre-existing conditions?

At a Tampa Bay Times forum, Florida Democratic Party chair Terrie Rizzo said that coverage for pre-existing conditions is in danger if Republicans get their way. We explain the litigation. 

Fact-checking Trump on ‘phony’ emoluments, Adam Schiff and Miami airport

President Donald Trump spent more than an hour speaking to reporters in the White House on Oct. 21, addressing many topics, from impeachment to Syria to his decision to scrap the G-7 summit he’d proposed to host at the Trump Doral property in Florida.

Fact-checking the Ohio Democratic presidential debate

Twelve presidential candidates assembled in Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, on Oct. 15 for the fourth and largest Democratic primary debate so far.

9 things Donald Trump got wrong today on Ukraine, a whistleblower and the media

We fact-checked multiple falsehoods by President Donald Trump during an Oct. 2 press conference in which he spoke about his phone call with the president of Ukraine.

Trump said Democratic senators threatened Ukraine. That’s misleading

President Donald Trump said that it was Democratic senators who threatened Ukraine leaders. We explain why that’s misleading.

Fact-checking the Democratic presidential debate in Houston

Democrats debated in Houston on the campus of Texas Southern University on Sept. 12, 2019. 

Fact-checking a mixed bag of accusations on Trump and 9/11

A Facebook post rattles off eight accusations against President Donald Trump and his comments around the 9/11 attacks.

Fact-check: Bahamas evacuees without visas ordered off US-bound ferry

A TV news report about Bahamians without visas being asked to leave a U.S.-bound ferry prompted attacks on the Trump administration. But Customs and Border Protection said that it never ordered anyone off the boat.    

Fact-checking Trump’s falsehoods about Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian approached, Trump said that Alabama would likely be hit and that he wasn’t sure he had heard of a Cat 5. The exaggerations were easily avoidable.

Hurricanes and tropical storms lead to flood of misinformation

As Dorian moves its way toward Florida, we review the flood of misinformation about hurricanes and tropical storms.