Amy Sherman is a staff writer with PolitiFact based in South Florida. She was part of the team that launched PolitiFact Florida in 2010 and was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2016 election. She previously worked as a staff writer for the Miami Herald and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. A native of Amherst, Mass., she graduated with a history degree from Macalester College in St. Paul.

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When PolitiFact hit the road to cover the Iowa caucuses

We consider it a crucial part of our mission to give voters information about the statements candidates make about their own biographies, their positions on public policy, and attacks against other politicians. But in January, it was time to get up close and personal.

Fact-checking Pete Buttigieg’s Fox News town hall in Des Moines, Iowa

During a Fox News town hall in Des Moines, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg pushed back against criticism that he is too young to be the president and argued that he is the Democrat who is best positioned to reach out to a broad swath of Americans.

Fact-checking Amy Klobuchar in Waterloo, Iowa

Despite polling below the top tier of Iowa caucus hopefuls, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., drew a near-capacity crowd to a ballroom in Waterloo, Iowa, on Jan. 26 to hear her vision for a post-Donald Trump presidency.

Fact-checking Elizabeth Warren in Davenport, Iowa

We fact-checked Elizabeth Warren’s town hall in Davenport, Iowa where she made statements about gun background checks, her own college’s costs and marijuana arrests.

We fact-checked the Democrats' closing push in Iowa before the caucuses

The Democrats running for president fanned out across Iowa during the penultimate weekend before the state caucuses Feb. 3.

Fact-checking Joe Biden in Ankeny, Iowa

Former Vice President Joe Biden attacked the policies and conduct of President Donald Trump during a campaign event in Ankeny, Iowa, on Jan. 25.

Fact-checking Bernie Sanders in Ames, Iowa

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a speech in front of a boisterous, overflow crowd in Ames, energizing many younger Iowa voters with his call for fundamental change.

Fact-checking Andrew Yang in Muscatine, Iowa

At a town hall in Iowa, Andrew Yang made statements about manufacturing job losses, Amazon’s domination and life expectancy. Here’s what we found.

The Stump Speech Analyzer: Amy Klobuchar

We fact-checked one of Amy Klobuchar’s stump speeches. Here’s what we found.  

The Stump Speech Analyzer: Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent running for the Demcratic presidential nomination for the second time, has perfected his campaign stump speech: Railing against the establishment and promising dramatic government intervention, Sanders wields dozens of familiar talking points again and again. In a Mason City speech, Sanders offered versions of more than a dozen specific claims we’ve checked before.