Angie Drobnic Holan is the editor of PolitiFact. She previously was deputy editor, and before that a reporter for PolitiFact, helping launch the site in 2007. She was a member of the PolitiFact team that won the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 2008 election. She previously worked at newspapers in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and New Mexico.

She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a master’s of library science from the University of South Florida. Her undergraduate degree is from the Plan II liberal arts program at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a native of Louisiana and attended the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts.

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What to expect at the first Democratic debates

The week of the first Democratic presidential debates has arrived, and 20 candidates will get a chance to formally showcase their policy ideas for 2020.

Who is John Delaney? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Today’s large 2020 Democratic presidential field was born when businessman and then-Rep. John Delaney declared his candidacy way back in July 2017.

Who is Tim Ryan? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan says he’s running for president because the economy is not working and the American Dream is out of reach. It’s a familiar message in his blue collar district.

Who is Cory Booker? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Cory Booker, a U.S. Senator from New Jersey, has emphasized gun control and reducing poverty.

Who is Michael Bennet? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado surprised the public when he gave a fiery speech in January 2019 during the longest federal government shutdown in U.S. history, accusing Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas of not showing genuine empathy for government workers.

Who is Steve Bullock? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

With an approval rating of 66%, Bullock was ranked the most popular Democratic governor in 2016. When it came time for the 2016 election, he and only one other Democrat in Montana won statewide offices – when Trump won by more than 20 points.

Who is Pete Buttigieg? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Unlike most presidential candidates in recent history, Pete Buttigieg has not served in Congress, as a governor or as a vice president. Rather, since 2012, he’s been the mayor of South Bend, Ind., a city of just under 102,000 people. Buttigieg has broken the mold in other ways, too: He’s just 37 years old, and he’s the first major openly gay presidential candidate. Yet his outlook is something of a throwback: Buttigieg has styled himself as a plainspoken, pragmatic candidate from the Midwest.

Who is Amy Klobuchar? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Three times, Amy Klobuchar has won U.S. Senate elections by wide margins in the politically competitive state of Minnesota. She is running for the presidency in 2020 by positioning herself as ideologically and rhetorically more moderate than most other members of the large candidate field.

Who is Kamala Harris? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris is relatively new on the national scene, but she's quickly become recognized for her tough questioning of Trump administration appointees. In her presidential campaign, she has emphasized teacher pay, enhancing health coverage, tightening gun laws, and pay equity.

Who is Andrew Yang? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s signature policy idea is to give every American a guaranteed $1,000 a month. Formally, the policy is a universal basic income, but Yang calls it the "Freedom Dividend," and it has distinguished him as a candidate who was recently unknown in the political sphere.