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Mostly True

Mostly guilty of killing the line item veto.

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Spend-O-Meter vs. Truth-O-Meter

Once you accept some assumptions about how they did the math, the RNC does a pretty good job crunching Clinton's numbers.

Sparring over spending

It's true that Rudy Giuliani sued to end the president's line item veto, it's just not clear how much that means.

Keeping it simple, sometimes wrong

The candidates from both parties want to distill the SCHIP debate into nuggets that satisfy their base voters.

Still fighting the last war

Sen. John McCain has a history of attacking 'earmarked' spending, but his facts are in the past, too.

Romney: turning over the turnaround label

In a rich biography of success, he sometimes overstates his record.

Does Obama practice what he preaches?

The freshman senator calls for bipartisanship. But when he votes, it's nearly always with his party.

Thompson's gun claim low on ammo

He says more guns mean less crime. But the academic research is inconclusive.