John Kruzel is a staff writer at PolitiFact. He previously covered politics at ABC News, where he received an Emmy nomination for his work on 2016 presidential debates. He has written about politics, law and national security, and contributed to numerous outlets, including Slate and The New Yorker. He is a former attorney.

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How do the Democrats running for president really live? A look at their homes, wealth

On the campaign trail, Sen. Cory Booker often name-drops his Newark, N.J., neighborhood, noting that he "lives in a community that is below the poverty line." Pete Buttigieg, now mayor of South Bend where he grew up, has touted his "middle-class lifestyle, in a middle-class neighborhood." Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Boston-area transplant, claims family roots in the Oklahoma plains.

What’s behind the dubious claim that psychiatric drugs fuel mass shootings?

One question hangs over every mass shooting: How could a person plot and execute such horrific violence? In the search for answers, psychiatric drugs have emerged as a culprit.

Explaining the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories linked to Trump, Clinton

The details of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide have yet to come into full view, but that did nothing to stem the tide of misinformation coursing through social media channels.

There’s no evidence the Trump administration had a role in Jeffrey Epstein’s death

The full details of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide have yet to materialize, but one pro-labor Facebook group wasted no time linking the disgraced financier’s death to President Donald Trump.

Tucker Carlson says white supremacy is a hoax. Here are 5 reasons why that’s wrong

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson claimed white supremacy is a hoax and "not a real problem in America." But that’s not what the evidence shows.

No proof prescription drugs fuel mass shootings

Psychiatric drugs are a common culprit as people search for answers following horrific violence. But experts say there is no credible research linking medications to mass shootings.

Fact-checking misinformation after the El Paso, Dayton shootings

In the hours after the shootings, hoaxes and rumors started spreading on social media platforms.

Trump did not scrub tweets that likened U.S.-bound migrants to invaders in wake of El Paso shooting

Following the El Paso attack, a false rumor began circulating online that President Donald Trump had scrubbed his Twitter archive of tweets that mention migrant invasions.

Who is Jay Inslee? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Most Democrats say that climate change is a key issue, but Jay Inslee has gone further and made it the central issue of his campaign.

Mueller spoke. Trump reacted. We fact-checked.

As he closed the Special Counsel office, Robert Mueller's final remarks were brief, but drew a rebuke from the president.