John Martin

John Martin joined the Tampa Bay Times, formerly the St. Petersburg Times, as a news researcher in 1995. He served as Times research editor for three years before returning to research full time in 2006.

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War of words: The fight over 'radical Islamic terrorism'

Republicans press President Barack Obama and Democrats to use the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism." Obama won't. We look at why, and how a few words have come to have so much meaning.   Vote now for the 'Lie of the Year' Readers' Choice award How Donald Trump's idea to ban Muslims from coming to the U.S. is different from what Jimmy Carter did

Why bloggers, Rush Limbaugh ran with the phony story about Harry Reid

A Nevada man tells a big lie about Harry Reid to see if partisan media will fall for it. It works. A few weeks later, he comes clean to a newspaper that he made it up to prove a point, earning him praise and criticism. What's on the Sunday shows

Gravel: I'm not dead yet

In an exclusive interview with PolitiFact, the former Alaska senator confirms his status in the presidential campaign.

Commie e-mail quiz gets an F

An anonymous e-mail makes the case that Sen. Clinton holds the same beliefs as Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin by using communist-sounding quotes. But the e-mail presents her statements out of context or distorts them.

Who made Big Apple sweeter?

Rudy Giuliani presided over an economic rebound in New York City, but his claims ignore the nation's economic expansion. And he doesn't mention the less rosy details of his tenure.

McCain overbids on eBay

The Republicans clashed on taxes, the economy and Iraq during a debate in Dearborn, Mich. They fumbled a few facts along the way.

Giuliani says a little too much about Democrats and taxes

Democrats and taxes make an easy target for a Republican, but Giuliani can't quite justify his claim for how high taxes would go.