Jon Greenberg is a senior correspondent with PolitiFact. He was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2012 presidential election and was one of the fact-checkers who launched PunditFact in 2013. Prior to that, he was executive editor at New Hampshire Public Radio and a Washington reporter for National Public Radio. He has twice won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for investigative reporting.

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What the 2019 Oscar movies get right, wrong

Have you ever wondered if the movie you just saw — that claimed to be based on a real story or historical events — was really accurate? So have we. With this year’s Oscars featuring historically based movies up for Best Picture honors, we wanted to help you sort out the facts from the dramatic liberties. 

Medicare for All: What it is, what it isn't

Medicare for All gets a lot of play in coverage of the Democratic primary, but it's meaning can get fuzzy around the edges. Our Q&A walks you throught what it is, the potential costs, and the competing plans that play off of the idea of expanding Medicare.

Fact-checking President Donald Trump’s claims about a national emergency

President Donald Trump announced his plan to declare a national emergency at the southwest border to secure funds for his border wall. Many aspects of his argument were misleading or wrong.

Vice: What the movie gets right and wrong about Dick Cheney

The Oscar-nominated movie Vice blends the real and the surreal to tell the story of Vice President Dick Cheney and the run-up to the Iraq War. We sort it out for you.

Fact-checking the State of the Union for 2019

PolitiFact is fact-checking the State of the Union on Feb. 5, 2019. 

Fact-checking Michael Bennet’s speech about the government shutdown

When it became Sen. Michael Bennet's turn to speak on the Senate floor about the record-long government shutdown, the Colorado Democrat said he had had enough of criticism from Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Bennet made several pointed claims about Cruz and his voting record, the deficit, China’s accomplishments in space, and the dim view most Americans have of Congress. Here's a fact-checked recap of Bennet's claims.

How much does the government shutdown cost?

A tweet from a Democratic presidential candidate about the hourly cost of the ongoing government shutdown sent us on a complicated reporting mission.

Fact-checking Democrats on the shutdown's effects on food safety, hurricane prep

A look at the impact on airport safety, hurricane preparedness, food stamps and food safety inspections

Live fact-checking President Donald Trump's immigration address

PolitiFact is fact-checking President Donald Trump's immigration address.

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