Jon Greenberg is a senior correspondent with PolitiFact. He was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2012 presidential election and was one of the fact-checkers who launched PunditFact in 2013. Prior to that, he was executive editor at New Hampshire Public Radio and a Washington reporter for National Public Radio. He has twice won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for investigative reporting.

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Fact-checking Donald Trump's 2020 campaign kick-off in Florida

President Donald Trump launched his re-election bid in the key state of Florida. We fact-checked his claims about the economy, the wall with Mexico and abortion.

Who is Elizabeth Warren? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Bankruptcy law, not the most engaging topic, put Warren on the public scene when she linked it to sky high medical costs. The former law school teacher and researcher now pushes policies that she says will fix the flaws of capitalism. Our profile pulls together the key strands in her life.

Who is Bernie Sanders? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Sanders defined the insurgent wing of the Democratic party in the 2016 primaries. He did that by pushing for policies he has advanced for decades. Here's the gist of his political roots.

Donald Trump says Mexico agreed to start buying more from American farmers. Mexico says it didn’t.

Trump said a side agreement in the immigration deal meant Mexico would start buying massive amounts from American farmers. It already does. And Mexico says it agreed to nothing new.

Nancy Pelosi cites principle of not talking about Donald Trump when overseas. We looked into it

In Normandy, France, the House Speaker demurred when asked about Trump and tariffs. She deosn't talk about him when she's overseas. But she isn't shy about laying out her policy disagreements with him.

Mueller spoke. Trump reacted. We fact-checked.

As he closed the Special Counsel office, Robert Mueller's final remarks were brief, but drew a rebuke from the president.

The money and politics of prescription drugs: What you need to know

America spends about as much on prescription drugs as all the revenues of the three big car makers combined. Tracking where the money goes is hard. We have some charts to help.

Elizabeth Warren: Does her wealth tax pay for her child care and higher education plans?

People with net worth over $50 million would face Warren's wealth tax. She counts on the revenues to pay for her child care and higher education plans. We asked education and tax economists what might throw off her predictions. They had a few ideas.

Mueller report aims to squash WikiLeaks Seth Rich conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theoryists, Fox News' Sean Hannity among them, linked the murder of a Democratic staffer to the emails that ended up at WikiLeaks. The Special Counsel report notes how WikiLeakes chief Julian Assange fueled that rumor.

Fact-checking the Bernie Sanders town hall on Fox News

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought his message of single-payer health care, higher taxes on the super-rich, and free college tuition to the conservative audience of Fox News.