Jon Greenberg is a staff writer with PolitiFact. He was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2012 presidential election and was one of the fact-checkers who launched PunditFact in 2013. Prior to that, he was executive editor at New Hampshire Public Radio and a Washington reporter for National Public Radio. He has twice won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for investigative reporting.

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The VA’s private care program gave companies billions and vets longer waits

An exclusive PolitiFact-ProPublica investigation: Private sector care was supposed to make care better for veterans. They still met long waits while the private program administrators got $1.9 billion, a quarter of the money that went through the program. 

Veterans Choice: How we reported this story

The taxpayer dollars spent on fees to private Veterans Choice administrators was lumped in with medical care spending. The answer came from bringing together a handful of separate federal data sources.

Fact-checking Donald Trump's statement on Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi murder

President Donald Trump cast doubt over the CIA’s conclusion that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Here's a fact-check of the statement on Saudi Arabia that Trump released on Nov. 20.

Midterm Facebook misinformation: Pipe bombs, menacing caravans and rampant voter fraud

The false claims came quickly and steadily over Facebook in the weeks before and after the midterm elections. We picked a few notable ones that we shot down.

What's at stake in the midterms: A primer on 8 key issues for 2018

Campaign coverage often devolves into horse-race coverage -- who’s up and who’s down. But the way the voters cast their ballots on Nov. 6 will have potentially huge implications on public policy. To help our readers better understand what’s at stake in the substantive policy choices this election season, we’ve put together a series of eight articles that explain the issues by visualizing data through charts and graphs.

Donald Trump on the campaign stump: His most glaring falsehoods

It's been 2016 all over again, as President Donald Trump went into campaign mode and held rallies across the country to rev up his base. When he spoke, accuracy was optional. Here's a running list of some of his worst excesses.

Fact-checking the CNN Florida governor's debate between Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum

Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum met for their first debate on CNN on Oct. 21, 2018. Here's how they fared on the facts.

Pre-existing conditions: Does any GOP proposal match the ACA?

Guarantees for pre-existing conditions are the most popular feature of Obamacare. From Donald Trump on down, Republicans say their plans provide the same protections. Health policy researchers say they might help, but they fall short.

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test: What it can and can’t tell us

Since 2016, President Donald Trump has ridiculed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for having invented a family tree with Native American roots. He challenged her to take a DNA test. She did and it showed Native American ancestry. We asked four experts to review the results. They found them credible.

Health care in 5 charts: A 2018 midterm report

Health care, particularly protections for pre-existing conditions, has become a key piece of the Democratic strategy to retake Congress. As the ads come fast and furious, here are five charts about health care to help to sort fact from hype.